Sony Ericsson T715 review

Reviews Andrew Williams 16:26, 16 Nov 2009

We review the Sony Ericsson T715, a modestly priced slider phone with some decent hidden connectivity features

If you’re out for a Sony Ericsson phone, all the different series that the manufacturer splits its phones into can become confusing. Do you want a K- T- or W- series handset? What’s the difference? Who knows?

Well, you’re often best off not worrying about it too much. These days, all of them come with a media player and some form of connectivity. Sadly, most of them still don’t come with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but then you probably won’t be too worried about that if you’re enticed by the T715.

It’s a no-nonsense phone with an attractive black and silver look to match. Unlike the previous T-series slider phone, the T303, the T715 doesn’t let this design ethic result in an unattractive phone. The Sony Ericsson T715 is low-key, but good looking enough to hide its low cost from all but the most critical of eyes.

There are some slight design issues. For starters, the metal backplate has a different finish to the plastic body surrounding it. It’s not something that leaps out at you, but once you’ve noticed it, you’ll keep on noticing it. Worse though is the damage you can do to this backplate by innocently trying to put the wrong end into the phone first.

As this backplate is made of metal, it deforms when put under too much stress, which is what you have to it under to get it out, should you put it in the wrong way. Questionable design can make strength a weakness. Pay attention and you’ll be fine though.

Aside from this slip-up, the T715’s build is as strong as its looks. The keypad has fully-separated keys, and while it’s on the small side and doesn’t take up the full width of the phone, it’s comfortable to use.

The sense of sensible, good quality workmanship extends to the screen too. Next to many of Sony Ericsson’s other budget phones, the T715’s screen is great, with excellent viewing angles and overall clarity. It does have a couple of quirks though. Even after lighting up, the backlight doesn’t reach full brightness until a second or so after you’ve woken the T715 from its slumber. That may not sound long but it’s longer than we’re used to.

Plus, there’s a blueish tint to the screen that robs colours of their vibrancy a little, although that should only really be a concern if you’re planning on watching videos on it, which we really wouldn’t recommend. Watching movies on a 2.2-inch screen just isn’t a good idea.

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