Getting Started With Google Pixel Phones

New to Pixel phones? No problem. We’ll cover off everything you need to know about Google’s lineup of Pixel phones – from the different models, the tech and specs they use, and how they all compare.

What Makes Pixel Phones Better Than Other Android Phones?

Fast Android Updates

Android is Google's mobile operating which means Pixel phones get early access to new builds of Android. As soon as a new version of Android is released, your Pixel phone will get it.

Machine Learning

Google's Tensor CPU is built with machine learning and AI smarts in mind. As of right now, Google's Pixel phones are the smartest and most useful phones on the market.

Value For Money

Google's Pixel phones typically cost less than similarly specced phones from Apple and Samsung. If you're after value for money, Google's Pixel range is hard to beat.

Brilliant Cameras

Google has always invested heavily in camera technology, so whether you go with a flagship, a base model, or one of its cheaper Pixel A series phones, you're getting an amazing camera

7 Years of Support

Go with a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro and you'll get 7 years' worth of Android updates – that's the best on the market right now. Pixel A-series phones get three years of updates.

Zero Bloatware

Pixel phones run Android in its purest form, as Google intended it to be. There's no bloatware, no CPU-heavy skins or UXs – just that pure, stripped down Android experience.

Latest Google Pixel News & Updates

Key Takeaways: What Makes Pixel Phones Different

Tensor G4 For Pixel 9 Bringing “Major” Performance Bump

If you value things like fast, consistent updates, a bloatware-free software experience, and value for money, a Pixel phone could just be what you’ve been looking for. They’re simple to use and, thanks to Google’s insanely machine learning and AI, supremely useful. 

Unparalleled Software Updates

Cutting-Edge AI and Machine Learning

  • Powered by Google’s custom Tensor chips, Pixel phones boast industry-leading on-device AI and machine learning capabilities that enhance virtually every aspect of the user experience.
  • From computational photography to voice recognition, on-device AI enables impressive features while prioritizing user privacy.

Exceptional Value

  • Compared to flagship phones from Apple and Samsung, Google’s Pixel lineup delivers top-tier specs and experiences at significantly lower price points, offering exceptional value for money.
  • The Pixel “a” series, like the acclaimed Pixel 7a, provides a stellar Android experience at even more affordable prices.

Award-Winning Camera Prowess

Uncompromising Security

  • With built-in security from Google’s Tensor chip and Titan M2 security coprocessor, Pixel phones safeguard user data and protect against digital threats.
  • Pixel owners benefit from a dedicated security core and regular software updates to maintain a secure and hardened device experience.
  • Whether prioritizing software excellence, AI-driven intelligence, value-driven pricing or industry-leading imaging, Google’s Pixel phone lineup has something for everyone. And the best part? The phones are cheaper (and just as good) as what you get from Apple and Samsung. 
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