8 Exciting Updates Inside Google’s March 2024 Pixel Update

Google’s March Feature Drop for Pixel devices is here, and it’s packed with updates that Pixel phone, Pixel Watch, and other Pixel device users will love.

The March Feature Drop for Google Pixel devices, released in 2024, represents a significant update to Google’s range of Pixel smartphones, Pixel Watch, and other Pixel-branded devices.

This update introduces a variety of new features and enhancements designed to improve functionality, interoperability with services and accessories, and overall user experience across the Pixel product lineup.

March 2024 Pixel Update: New Features & Capabilities

  1. Circle to Search Comes to Pixel: Initially a hit on Samsung’s Galaxy S24, Circle to Search is now making its way to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, with plans to extend it to Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and possibly the Pixel Fold. Get ready to search smarter with the same Tensor G2 chip magic.
  2. Step Up Your Video and Photo Game: Pixel devices equipped with Tensor G2 and G3 chips now support 10-bit HDR video and Ultra HDR photos. Sharing your moments in full HDR glory on Instagram Reels and posting Ultra HDR snaps just got easier.
  3. Call Screen Gets a Boost: Say hello to the “hello” chip on Pixel 6 and newer models, enhancing interactions with callers and making the Google Assistant even friendlier. Initially rolling out in English in the U.S., it’s a game-changer for call screening.
  4. Pixel Watch Levels Up: The original Pixel Watch is borrowing some cool tricks from the Pixel Watch 2, adding new training and workout modes and the Fitbit Relax app. Fitness and mindfulness are getting a serious upgrade.
  5. Navigate Public Transit Like a Pro: Thanks to Wear OS 3, smartwatch users can now access public transit directions, a nifty feature announced at Mobile World Congress 2024. Pair it with Google Wallet passes for seamless travel.
  6. Easier App Sharing and Fast Pairing: From the Pixel Tablet to the Pixel Fold, all supported devices now boast app screen sharing for video calls and presentations. Plus, the Google FastPair feature makes Bluetooth reconnections a breeze.
  7. Handwrite and Speak with Ease: Google Docs now welcomes handwritten annotations on all Android tablets and phones (Android 8+), while a revamped Gboard Voice Toolbar on Android tablets (with Gboard 13.9 or later) minimizes disruptions during voice input.
  8. Mark Your Calendars for the Rollout: The global rollout of these features started on March 4, 2024, with Pixel users in the U.S. getting their turn on March 11, 2024. Keep an eye out for these updates to enhance your Pixel experience.

We have provided the monthly software update for March 2024. All supported Pixel devices running Android 14 will receive these software updates starting today. The rollout will continue over the next week in phases depending on carrier and device. Software for US Carriers will be available starting next week. Users will receive a notification once the OTA is available for their device.


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