Is The Google Pixel Fold Waterproof? Let’s Find Out…

Google’s Pixel Fold is official, bringing some much needed competition to Samsung in the foldable cellphone market. But is the Google Pixel Fold waterproof? Let’s dive in and find out…

Since the dawn of the smartphone era, one feature has remained a consistent demand from consumers worldwide – water resistance. As our lives become increasingly mobile, the need for our devices to withstand the occasional splash, or even a full immersion, has become crucial.

The Pixel Fold is Google’s first ever foldable phone and it is now, arguably, its new flagship phone for 2023/24 with its eye-watering price tag. But is the Pixel Fold waterproof? Or are you going to need a special case to keep it safe?

Is The Pixel Fold Waterproof?

In a word, yes. The Google Pixel Fold, Google’s first foray into the foldable smartphone market, brings with it a multitude of features that position it as a strong contender in foldable phones niche. Among these features is, as you’d expect, water resistance – specifically IPX8.

But what does that mean, and to what extent can the Pixel Fold withstand water exposure?

Understanding IPX8 Water Resistance

The Google Pixel Fold has an IPX8 water resistance rating, a specification that may not be immediately understandable to everyone. But the long and short of it looks something like this:

  • To clarify, the ‘IP’ stands for ‘Ingress Protection,’ a standard used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies, such as dust, accidental contact, and water.
  • The ‘X’ signifies that the device has not been tested for protection against solid objects. The ‘8’ means that the device can withstand immersion in water under certain conditions.
  • In practical terms, the IPX8 rating means that the Google Pixel Fold can be submerged in water, typically up to 1.5 meters, for up to 30 minutes without suffering water damage.

It’s important to note that this rating applies to freshwater, and performance may vary when the device is exposed to other liquids, such as saltwater or chlorinated water.

Bottom line? You’ll need a case for your Pixel Fold but the good news is that there’s loads of awesome Pixel Fold cases to buy already.

A Caveat to the Waterproof Rating

While the IPX8 rating is undoubtedly a significant feature for the Pixel Fold, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t equate to the device being entirely ‘waterproof.’

The term ‘waterproof’ implies an absolute defense against water ingress, which is not currently achievable in consumer electronics. Even the best-protected devices can suffer damage if exposed to water for prolonged periods or under high pressure.

While the Pixel Fold can resist water to a degree, it’s still advisable to avoid unnecessary exposure whenever possible.

For instance, while it should survive if you accidentally drop it in the sink or get caught in a rain shower, it’s not recommended to intentionally submerge the device or use it underwater.

The Value of Water Resistance in Foldable Phones

The water resistance feature is particularly noteworthy in the case of foldable phones. These devices, with their moving parts and flexible displays, present new challenges in achieving water resistance.

The fact that Google has managed to incorporate an IPX8 rating into the Pixel Fold’s design speaks volumes about its build quality and Google’s commitment to creating a durable, everyday-ready foldable device.

This water-resistant capability has several implications for the user experience. For one, it offers users peace of mind. Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast who braves the elements, a busy parent navigating the spills and splashes of family life, or simply someone who likes to catch up on social media in the bath, knowing your device can survive a dunking is undoubtedly reassuring.

Secondly, this feature could potentially prolong the lifespan of your device. Water damage is a common cause of smartphone failures, and having a device that can resist this damage could save you from costly repairs or replacements.

Check out all the pre-order details for Google’s Pixel Fold.

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin is a leading UK technology journalist with a focus on consumer tech trends and data security. Renowned for his insightful analysis, Richard has contributed to Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, and CNBC, making complex tech issues accessible to a broad audience.

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