What is Google Pixel Pass? How does it work? What Pixel phones and Google services are included? How much does it cost? Here’s everything you need to know in one place…

If you like Google’s Pixel Phones, use its services – stuff like YouTube Premium and YouTube Music – or are looking to consolidate all of the digital expenses associated with running a smartphone under one roof, Pixel Pass could definitely be of interest.

By leveraging all of its services and hardware, so its Pixel phones, Pixel headphones and the Pixel Watch, and all of its digital services like YouTube Premium, Google One, and Play Pass, into one package, Google is aiming to package up everything it has to offer for one monthly fee.

Now, both Verizon and Apple do something similar, services-wise, with Apple One and Verizon’s iPhone-specific One Unlimited For iPhone With Apple One plan. But with Google’s Pixel Pass, you also get sweet deals on all of its Pixel hardware too.

But what is Pixel Pass? How does it work? And, more importantly, is it worth your time and money?

What is Pixel Pass?

Pixel Pass is a comprehensive subscription plan that includes the latest Pixel phone, Google’s top-tier mobile services, device protection, and regular device upgrades, all bundled together in a convenient monthly subscription.

Once the Pixel 7a is available – it’s currently on pre-order – you will be able to pick it up inside Google’s Pixel Pass, alongside the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro which are both now available. The Pixel Fold (again, once it is released) and Google’s latest wearables (Pixel Buds and Pixel Watch) are also included as well.

Latest Pixel Pass Plans & Offers

Pixel Pass offers a bundled subscription package that includes various premium Google services, and a Google Pixel phone. Compared to separate subscriptions for each service, Pixel Pass can provide savings.

Let’s break down the cost and savings for different scenarios:

Individual Monthly Subscriptions:

  • YouTube Premium (includes YouTube Music): $12/month
  • Google One (200GB plan): $3/month
  • Google Play Pass: $5/month
  • Preferred Care: $7/month for Pixel 7, $9/month for Pixel 7 Pro
Total monthly cost without phones:

  • Pixel 7: $26.98/month
  • Pixel 7 Pro: $28.98/month

Pixel Pass Monthly Cost:

  • Pixel 7: $45/month
  • Pixel 7 Pro: $55/month
  • Pixel 6a: $37/month
Additional cost per month for the phone:
  • Pixel 7: $18/month ($432 in total over two years)
  • Pixel 7 Pro: $29/month ($696 in total over two years)
Total monthly cost with phone:
  • Pixel 7: $63/month
  • Pixel 7 Pro: $84/month
Savings with Pixel Pass:

  • Pixel 7: $168 over two years ($7/month)
  • Pixel 7 Pro: $204 over two years ($8.50/month)

Is Pixel Pass Worth It?

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Consider the cost of individual monthly subscriptions for YouTube Premium (which also includes YouTube Music), Google One’s 200GB option, Google Play Pass, and Preferred Care. You’d be shelling out $26.98 per month for the Pixel 7 and $28.98 for the Pixel 7 Pro, and that doesn’t include the phone’s cost.

With Pixel Pass, the price for Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro is bundled into a monthly cost of $45 or $55 (or $37 for the Pixel 6a). This means the Pixel 7 effectively costs you an extra $18 a month ($432 in total), while the Pixel 7 Pro is an additional $29 a month ($696 in total).

The bottom line? You could save $168 over two years with Pixel 7 or $204 with the Pixel 7 Pro, which breaks down to $7 and $8.50 per month, respectively. Sounds tempting, right? However, the savings don’t look as attractive if you’re already an annual subscriber to these services.

The Annual Subscription Conundrum

When you opt for annual subscriptions for services like Google Play Pass and Google One’s 200GB plan, the cost savings with Pixel Pass dwindle to minuscule monthly amounts. Your savings over two years drop to $75 for the Pixel 7 and $186 for the Pixel 7 Pro, translating to $3.13 and $7.75 monthly, respectively.

If you’re part of a YouTube Music family plan, then Pixel Pass might not be the most cost-effective option. Since Pixel Pass involves moving to a single-user plan, your family could end up in a net-negative financial position, which doesn’t quite support the idea of signing up for this service.

The Google Fi Angle

There’s another way to subscribe to Pixel Pass – through Google Fi, Google’s own phone service provider. This route offers an additional $5 per month discount. So, you’ll pay $45 or $55 for Pixel Pass, depending on the phone, plus the cost of your chosen Fi plan.

For instance, with an Unlimited Google Fi plan and Pixel Pass, you’d be looking at $70 a month for a Pixel 7. This could prove to be a substantial saving if you’re a Google Fi subscriber or planning to switch to Google’s network.

What Google Services Does Pixel Pass Include?

Pixel Pass is more than just a phone and access to Google’s services. It is a complete package designed to provide a seamless, uninterrupted digital experience. Here’s some of the things that are included inside Google’s Pixel Pass subscription:

  • YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium: Say goodbye to pesky ads and hello to uninterrupted entertainment. Whether you’re watching videos or listening to music, the Premium subscriptions allow you to enjoy content without interruptions and ad free and even allows for background play while using other apps.
  • Google One with 200 GB of Storage: Securely store high-resolution photos and videos, access Google Store discounts, and enjoy automatic phone backups. With the cloud storage on Google One, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space or losing your precious memories.
  • Google Play Pass: Get access to google play store with hundreds of games and apps completely free of ads and in-app purchases. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an app enthusiast, the Google Play Pass ensures you have a wide variety of options at your fingertips.
  • Preferred Care Coverage: Life is full of unexpected mishaps, and your new phone just isn’t exempt. With Preferred Care, your device is covered for those little accidents, ensuring hassle-free repairs.

Should You Subscribe To Pixel Pass?

While we’re fans of the services bundled in Google’s Pixel Pass, the savings aren’t as significant as you might hope, particularly if you’re already subscribing to these services on an annual basis.

But if you value the convenience of wrapping all your phone expenses into one neat monthly bill, Pixel Pass might just be the ticket for you.

Subscribing to Pixel Pass on the Google Store or with a phone plan on Google Fi gives you a clear advantage in terms of savings compared to, say, buying the phone outright or getting it via a carrier like Verizon and/or AT&T.

Subscribers who opt for the Google Store Pixel Pass stand to save up to $294 over two years, while those who subscribe through Google Fi with a phone plan can save an additional $5 off their monthly Fi plan, totaling up to $414 in savings over two years.

Furthermore, the new Pixel phone that you get through Pixel Pass is unlocked, meaning it’s compatible with all major carriers. This gives you the freedom to switch carriers as you please, should you find a better pre-paid or post-paid plan elsewhere, without any device constraints.

We recommend you assess your current subscriptions and plans before diving in. Consider any existing family plans or annual subscriptions you may have, to truly understand if Pixel Pass offers you the best bang for your buck.

Remember, the best deal is the one that aligns with your specific needs and usage habits. You can view all of Google’s latest Pixel Pass offers here.

Pixel Pass FAQs

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