The Samsung Galaxy S22 is just months away now, so the leaks are coming thick and fast. And today, we get a look at the Samsung Galaxy S22’s new design language…

Ahead of its Q1 2022 launch, plenty of people are getting excited about the prospect of a trio of brand new Samsung flagship phones. Next year’s Galaxy S22 phones are also shaping up to be quite a bit different from what came before too.

But as always it will be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that sees the most impressive changes. According to leaked information, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will ship with a dedicated slot for Samsung’s S-Pen, meaning it will take the place of Samsung’s now-defunct Note phones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Design

For the most part, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will look pretty similar to 2021’s Galaxy S21. You’ll have the same flat rear panel broken up by a raised camera module with symmetrical bezels around the display. Samsung will, however, be bringing some significant tweaks to the camera module itself – it’ll have to with phones like the Pixel 6 Pro on market.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s design, however, will be slightly different from the standard Galaxy S22 models. Unlike the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus, which will run punch-hole cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature a “water-drop selfie camera cut-out” as well as a dedicated slot for Samsung’s new S-Pen stylus.

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Concept Renders Based On Current Leaks

Again, all of the models in the Galaxy S22 lineup will feature improved internal components, faster CPUs, and more advanced camera units. But just as Apple does with its Pro model iPhones, all the big stuff – meaning the actual updates – will be present on the most expensive model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The inclusion of the S-Pen, with a dedicated slot no less, is a big move from Samsung, and it is one that many people will appreciate. Samsung had A LOT of Galaxy Note fans, so I’m glad to see the company giving back to those guys after killing off its Note series of phones in 2020. If this recent leak lines up, we now have an actual replacement for the Galaxy Note. And, mercifully, it isn’t one of Samsung’s uber expensive foldable phones.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited about the prospect of the Galaxy S22, a German tech site claims production on the Galaxy S22 has now started ahead of the phones’ Q1 2022 launch and release date.

Samsung has to start the so-called ramp-up for the mass production of a total of three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S22. The first components for the Samsung Galaxy S22 (SM-S901), the Galaxy S22 Plus (SM-S906) and the Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908) have been manufactured in its Asian plants since the middle of last week.


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