The iPhone 13 might actually be called the iPhone 12s, Apple’s first S-upgrade since the iPhone 6s – but there is more bad news too…

Apple hasn’t done an S-update since 2015’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s. Most thought the days of iPhone S cycles were gone.

But according to the latest information, Apple’s next iPhone could be called the iPhone 12s…

iPhone S-updates are usually always incremental (meaning boring) updates that don’t really change much about what came before. The phone will look the same with minor changes inside – new CPUs, power improvements, and tweaks to the camera.

Apple’s 2021 iPhone To Be Called iPhone 12s – Not iPhone 13…

Given what we know about the iPhone 13 so far – sorry, the iPhone 12s – this is all starting to make sense.

Design-wise, the phones will remain the same. There will be the same amount of models (four), and there has been no talk of any really new or big features to date – just spec/hardware updates.

We’ve heard talk of 1TB iPhones, LiDAR coming to ALL models, and big updates to the camera modules.

But as it turns out, we might only be getting a small percentage of these updates with Apple’s new 2021 iPhones.

No 1TB iPhone In 2021…

The first BIG rumor that’s been nixed by TrendForce relates to the iPhone 13 (iPhone 12s) packing in 1TB of storage on the Pro/Pro Max models.

This isn’t happening apparently; instead, Apple will keep the storage options exactly the same as the iPhone 12’s which tops out at 512GB.

LiDAR is Still Exclusive To Pro Max Model

Secondly, the report suggests that Apple has ZERO plans on bringing LiDAR to its cheaper iPhone models in 2021. LiDAR will remain in place on the iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 but it will be an exclusive feature on the iPhone 12s Pro Max.

There is Some Good News…

Not getting an iPhone 13 might seem a little disappointing to expectant fans. No one likes iPhone S updates, after all. But there are some big positives from the report.

The first is that ALL iPhone 13/12s models in the 2021 range will feature Apple’s ProMotion 120Hz displays. This is huge, if true. And it will make the switch from the iPhone 11 all the more worth it.

The notch on the iPhone 12s is also said to have been shrunken quite a bit too – around 15-20% smaller.

And last but not least, Apple has somehow managed to avoid the global chip shortage and is on track to announce and release the iPhone 12s in September, as it planned to all along.

How Apple has managed to pull this off is anybody’s guess.

But when Sony and Microsoft cannot produce their consoles because of shortages of chips and Apple is running ahead of schedule, you know it is doing something right with respect to its operations.

I just hope Apple didn’t switch out the iPhone 13 branding because some people think the number 13 is unlucky – that would suck, if so.