iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 range is now official. Pre-orders are now open, and the iPhone 13 – including the 13 mini, the 13 Pro, and the 13 Pro Max – will go on sale on September 24 globally.

iPhone 13 Specs, Release Date, Pricing & Leaks: All The Latest News


Will The iPhone 13 Have TouchID? No – But It Is COMING Back…

Does the iPhone 13 have TouchID? No, but Apple does have plans on bringing back its fingerprint sensor – here's everything we know...


iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max: What’s The Difference?

How does the iPhone 13 compare to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max?


Is The iPhone 13 Worth Buying? PROS & CONS List…

Apple’s new iPhones – the iPhone 13 range – are now official. They’ll get a release date later this month. But is the iPhone 13 worth buying? Let’s find out…


Does The iPhone 13 Come With A Charger?

The iPhone 13 launched in September 2021, alongside the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. But does it come with a charger?


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Apple’s iPhone 13 will get a launch and release date in 2021. There will be several models across a range of price points. Here’s the latest news…


iPhone 13 Storage Options REVEALED: 1TB iPhone is COMING…

Apple’s iPhone 13 range will launch later today and if you were hoping for some news, we have some – there WILL be a 1TB iPhone 13 storage option!


iPhone 13 Price Might Be Its Best, New Feature

Market analysts have been discussing the price of Apple’s new line-up of iPhone 13 phones. And there’s some pretty good news too... 


iPhone 13 Dimensions: How Big Will They Be?

Apple’s iPhone 13 launches tomorrow – that’s September 14, if you’re reading this in the future. Will we see any changes to the iPhone 13 dimensions? Let’s find out…


I’m Pre-Ordering The iPhone 13 Pro Max – Here’s Why

I was thinking of sticking with Pixel and getting the Pixel 6 Pro, but I changed my mind – I’m pre-ordering the iPhone 13 Pro Max instead. Here's why...


We HAVE A Launch Date For The iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 launch date has been confirmed…


iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro Models – How They’ll Be Different

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will cost more than the base model iPhone 13. But how will the phones actually be different from a specs and hardware perspective?


The iPhone 12s is DEAD. Long Live The iPhone 13!

Last week, news surfaced that Apple’s next iPhone would be called the iPhone 12s, not the iPhone 13. Turns out that was bunk…


iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13: What Can We Expect This September?

Apple’s new iPhones – either the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s – will land in September. But how will they compare to the current iPhone 12 range?


iPhone 13 Design Changes? Nope! It’ll Look Like iPhone 12

And this is perhaps the main reason why Apple is calling the iPhone 13 the iPhone 12s – it is an incremental update, nothing major in the design department


iPhone 13 Might Be Called “iPhone 12s” – No 1TB Model, Either!

The iPhone 13 might actually be called the iPhone 12s, Apple’s first S-upgrade since the iPhone 6s – but there is more bad news too…


6 KILLER iPhone 13 Features That’ll Make You Upgrade

The iPhone 13 – all four of them – will launch during September with a release date shortly thereafter. Here’s some of the unique, new features coming to the iPhone 13…


Apple Could Sell 100 MILLION iPhone 13 Units In 2021/22

Analysts are getting BULLISH about Apple’s incoming iPhone 13 range, claiming shipments in excess of 90 million for 2021/22. And Pro models will lead the way...


The iPhone 13’s Battery Life Will Be A LOT Better, Leaks Claim…

Apple’s iPhone 13 models will all get bigger batteries, but it is the iPhone 13 Pro Max that will benefit the most when it comes to battery life…

If you’re interested in what to expect from Apple’s new iPhone 13, we have everything you need to know about the iPhone 13’s specs, features, camera updates, and pricing news below.

iPhone 12s or iPhone 13?

The next iPhone released by Apple, contrary to what you might have heard, will be called the iPhone 13, not the iPhone 12s, as some sources have claimed. The iPhone 13 will then be followed by the iPhone 14 in 2022. Work is now actively underway on that series too.

iPhone 13 Price

Despite adding in a bunch of updates, tweaks, and new specs, Apple kept the iPhone 13’s price more or less the same as the iPhone 12 range. I’ve included a full breakdown of the pricing for Apple’s iPhone 13 range in the table below:

iPhone 13 miniiPhone 13iPhone 13 ProiPhone 13 Pro Max
USUSD 700USD 800USD 1,000USD 1,100
CanadaCAD 950CAD 1,100CAD 1,400CAD 1,550
UKGBP 680GBP 780GBP 950GBP 1,050
IrelandEUR 830EUR 930EUR 1,180EUR 1,280
AustraliaAUD 1,200AUD 1,350AUD 1,700AUD 1,850
GermanyEUR 800EUR 900EUR 1,150EUR 1,250
FranceEUR 810EUR 910EUR 1,160EUR 1,260
ItalyEUR 840EUR 940EUR 1,190EUR 1,290
PolandPLN 3,600PLN 4,200PLN 5,200PLN 5,700
IndiaINR 70,000INR 80,000INR 120,000INR 130,000
MalaysiaMYR 3,400MYR 3,900MYR 4,900MYR 5,300
ThailandTHB 26,00THB 30,000THB 39,000THB 43,000
ChinaCNY 5,200CNY 6,000CNY 8,000CNY 9,000
The Price of Apple’s iPhone 13 In Every Major Country

And if you want to save some money on your next iPhone, maybe have a think about buying a slightly older, refurbished model like the iPhone 11 Pro – you could save upwards of 40%.

iPhone 13 Leaks

As with any new iPhone release, prior to the phones’ official launch, there are always loads of leaks and rumors circulating online about what the new models will be like, how they’ll improve on the iPhone 12, and the different kinds of updates Apple has planned for the new models.

iPhone 13
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iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max Design
iPhone 13
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iPhone 13 / 13 Mini Design

As you can see from the above posts, there is already a ton of information available on the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 13 Mini, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

From a brand new CPU, in the form of Apple’s A15, to new colors – there’ll be a pink iPhone 13 option, apparently – there is plenty to get excited about between now and September 2021.

When Will The iPhone 13 Be Released?

The iPhone 13 range will get a release date on September 27. The iPhone 13 was officially announced by Apple on September 14, 2021.

As one of the only technology companies on the planet not to be affected by the global chipset shortage, Apple will be looking to shift a record number of iPhones between September and the close of Q1 2022.

Analysts reckon Apple could sell upwards of 200 million iPhones inside the next 12 months, as demand grows for 5G and millions of iPhone 11 users start looking to upgrade their two-year-old iPhones.

iPhone 13
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iPhone 13
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