iPhone 13 Name = Bad, Says Survey. “iPhone 2021” Better…

Despite advancements in science, humans are still superstitious creatures – so much so that people want the iPhone 13 to be called the iPhone 2021

Ever heard of a condition called triskaidekaphobia? Me neither. But as it turns out, it is real and it relates to people having a fear of the number 13.

The number 13 has always (wrongly) been considered to be unlucky, and as it turns out Apple has plenty of fans that aren’t keen on the company’s next phone using the number 13.

The solution, they claim, is to change the name of the iPhone 13 to “iPhone 2021” – this solves the triskaidekaphobia-related gripes, although I do not think Apple will pay much attention to this.

It also means the iPhone 13 could be called the iPhone 12s.

How did anyone find this out? SellCell conducted a survey of its massive audience to find out how people felt about the iPhone 13 name.

And the results were pretty startling to say the least.

According to the data collected from the survey:

  • One in five iPhone and iPad users (18.3%) revealed they would be put off by the “iPhone 13” moniker
  • Men (24.9%) are about twice as likely to be affected by triskaidekaphobia than women (11.7%)
  • 81.7% said it wouldn’t affect their purchase decisions

The bottom line here, however, is pretty simple: the VAST majority of those survey did not care – over 81%.

Men are also way more likely to not like the number 13 than women. As someone that does not know anyone that has any remote feelings about numbers and fate, I honestly found this pretty interesting.

The iPhone 13 is not yet official either, so a name change could happen – but it won’t have anything to do with this survey! The number 13 is used by the press simply to denote the procession from the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13.

Apple tends to favor numbers that flow in a linear fashion; even the iPhone X – you say it as “iPhone 10” officially – is still numbered.

Why The iPhone 9 NEVER Happened…

Apple did skip the iPhone 9, however, in favor of the iPhone X. It did this because the iPhone X came out on the iPhone’s 10th birthday, and releasing the iPhone 9 on the iPhone’s 10th birthday just wasn’t the same.

The survey also asked its respondents how they felt about Apple’s incoming iOS 15. Again, most were pretty non-plussed by it; only 19.3% said they were “extremely excited” by iOS 15.

Only a mere 19.3% were “extremely” or “very” excited about the software update. 28.1% rated it “somewhat” exciting, while a majority (52.6%) of Apple users think the new software releases are only “slightly” or “not at all” exciting.


I find that pretty weird too, considering just how big an update iOS 15 actually is – there’s loads of cool stuff coming to iPhone inside it.

As for the iPhone 13, we already know a bunch about it. You can check out the latest coverage below:

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