MAJOR Update To iPhone 12s Camera 100% Confirmed

Apple’s iPhone 12s Pro and iPhone 12s Pro Max will feature some pretty hefty updates to their camera tech…

Most people, including myself, believed the next iPhone would be the iPhone 13. This isn’t the case, however – it’ll be called the iPhone 12s.

And whenever you’re talking about an S-update, you’re usually looking at an incremental update over what came before, the iPhone 12 range.

But according to Apple sage Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s iPhone 12s will be anything but. Kuo says Apple has some massive updates planned for the iPhone 12s Pro’s camera module.

iPhone 12s Camera Updates

Chief among these updates to the iPhone 12s Pro’s camera will be the inclusion of an auto-focus-capable ultra-wide lens, a first on Apple’s iPhone.

Currently, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro models use fixed-focus. Adding in autofocus capabilities to the ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 12s Pro and iPhone 12s Pro Max will make framing images and shots a lot easier.

In addition to this, the leak suggests that Apple will indeed use a six-element lens on its new ultra-wide lens, bringing it in line with the phone’s main camera sensor.


Apple will also introduce a plethora of machine learning-driven updates and tweaks inside the iPhone 12s range.

The tweaks to how Apple’s AI works with the camera app, combined with the new lens, should bring some pretty big uplifts in performance over the iPhone 12.

Beyond this, Apple is said to have made massive progress with the iPhone 12s’ battery performance, adding in 30% more charge than the iPhone 12.

If so, this would mean the iPhone 12s would be back in line with the iPhone 11’s battery performance.

The iPhone 12’s battery performance, thanks to 5G, is woefully inadequate when compared to Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

First Leak About Apple’s 2022 iPhones

And if you think you’ll have to ALWAYS pay Pro prices for access to these types of thing, think again! Kuo says Apple will bring all of the above to ALL of its iPhone models in 2022.

And Apple’s 2022 iPhone range will almost certainly be called the iPhone 14. Apple is predicted to skip the number 13, its bad luck apparently, and go straight to the iPhone 14.

Just like it did with the iPhone X, moving from the iPhone 8 straight to the iPhone X – we missed out on the iPhone 9.

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