Best iMac Stands Money Can Buy: My #1 Picks For 2019…


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If you’re rocking an iMac and you’re looking for an awesome iMac stand, you’re in the right place – these are my #1 picks for the best iMac stands money can buy right now…

The #1 Best iMac Stands


Twelve South HiRise Pro

  • Elevates iMac or external display to your optimal viewing height up to 93mm (3.66 in)
  • Creates hidden desktop storage for hard drives, hubs or personal items
  • Features a reversible walnut / aluminum front plate and padded leather top
  • Internal shelf adusts to four different screen height options
  • Works with all iMacs and most displays. Displays fit up to maximum base depth of 235 mm (9.25 in) and max base witdth of 235 mm (9.25 in)

Samdi Wooden iMac Stand

  • Free up valuable desk space by elevating for iMac off the desk.
  • Cable management keeps desktop connections handy and accessible.
  • Wooden manufacture and the retaining unique wooden grain, retro and vogue.
  • Smooth, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Universal stand for iMac, PC, notebook.

Vaydeer 2 Tier

  • Smart & Sturdy Design Ergonomic, height up to 5.12inch, double storage space, raise the line of sight and improve the sitting position; The back line groove, make the cable plug more convenient, the desktop is more tidy.
  • .High-Quality Material Constructed from strong aluminum alloy to easily withstand the weight of your monitor or desktop computer and additional desk accessories ,match 27inches iMac monitor.
  • Prefect Desk Organizer Make more space for Your workstation ,upper layer can be stored additional desk accessories , and the lower layer can be stored the keyboard and mouse.
  • Anti-slip silicone padding provides solid footing and prevents scratches to your desk surface
  • Multifunction Support PC monitor/screens, laptops, printers, fax machines, computer screen risers, TV monitor stands, keyboard shelf racks etc,suitable for any place , such as study room, office, living room, bedroom.


  • Elevates your monitor to provide better posture
  • Nesting spot to tuck away an external hard drive, a Mac mini and other items on your desk
  • Bead-blasted with natural anodized finish that matches the look and feel of Apple Products
  • Manufactured from "aircraft-grade" aluminum
  • Made in the USA

UPERGO iMac Stand

  • Dimensions: L22.20in (Tabletop 20in) x W9.45 in x H3.58 in
  • Load Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Product Weight: 4.41 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy frame

Read on for more details on each iMac stand below… 

The Best iMac Stands – An Overview of Our #1 Picks

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#1) Twelve South HiRise Pro – My #1 Pick

When it comes to the best-looking and most premium iMac stand around, the Twelve South HiRise Pro takes the proverbial biscuit. With multiple height options, flawless design, and an extremely classy exterior, this iMac stand pretty much does it all.

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And if you like your workspace nice and tidy, the Twelve South HiRise Pro has built-in “secret” storage space as well, so you store everything from hard drives to magazines and headphones inside it, keeping your desk totally clear of clutter.

For me, this is the best-looking, most feature-rich iMac stand on this list. It ain’t cheap at $149, but it does look truly awesome. And if you’re dropping $3-$5K on an iMac, 150 bucks for a sweet-looking stand is essentially a drop in the ocean!

#2) Samdi Wooden iMac Stand – Best Wooden Option

Looking for a solid, reliable wooden iMac stand? Want something that’ll tie in with the aesthetic of your mahogany-infused study? The Samdi Wooden iMac stand might just be what the doctor ordered. It’s simple, straightforward, and it looks proper smart.

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Crafted entirely from black walnut, the Samdi Wooden iMac looks great up close and from a distance, making it a great place to perch your beloved iMac. Exact dimensions for the stand are 50.5 x 23.5 x 9.2cm and there is ZERO set-up required, thanks to its parabolic arch which will perfectly and stably support the weight of your iMac.

#3) Vaydeer 2 Tier Aluminium iMac Stand

If you’re looking for something that will completely blend in with the styling of your iMac, this two-tier stand from Vaydeer is perfect. And not only that, it is available in a range of sizes – from 16.5in to 19.7in. Ideal if you want more storage space…

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Which brings me to my second point: the Vaydeer 2 Tier Aluminium iMac Stand has a shelf inside it that can be used for additional storage, so you can keep your desk free of clutter and/or cables, as it is an ideal place to charge your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The Vaydeer 2 Tier Aluminium iMac Stand is good-looking, well built, and comes with plenty of storage space. It’s not quite as nice as the Twelve South HiRise Pro, but it is a lot cheaper. And it looks really nice too.

#4) iForte FUSION iMac Stand

Constructed entirely out of aluminium, the iForte FUSION iMac Stand ties in beautifully with Apple’s industrial design language for the iMac; in fact, it looks so close, you might think Apple had actually made this stand.

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The iForte FUSION iMac stand features a bead-blasted finish, which makes it look ultra-premium, and has a hole in the rear end for all your cable needs. Beneath where the iMac sits, you have ample room for storing your phone or even a Mac mini.

This is one of the most minimalist iMac stands on this list, but do not be put off by its spartan appearance, the iForte FUSION stand is machined exquisitely, just like the iMac you’ll have sat on top of it.

#5) UPERGO iMac Stand

The UPERGO iMac Stand delivers absolutely outstanding value for money. It looks brilliant with its aluminium chassis and MDF platform combo. And for just $35, it is pretty much impossible to find anything that can match it for overall value for money.

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The UPERGO iMac Stand is lightweight (just 22 pounds) and it will elevate your iMac by 3.5inches, creating a near-perfect elevation for comfortable viewing. If you have a standing desk, more on that later, this is basically the goldilocks’ height for elevation, being not too high and not too low.

There is also ZERO assembly required; the UPERGO iMac Stand comes as one piece, so all you have to do is take it out the box and slap it on your desk. Once you’ve done this, you’re good to plop your iMac on top of it and get working.

Why I Bought An iMac Stand In The First Place

I work from home and my job mainly consists of staring a computer screen all day with intermittent breaks for coffee and walks with my dog. When you spend hours looking at a screen, you start to realize, after a few years, that if you’re not doing it right your neck starts acting up – and this requires trips to a chiropractor.

I run and exercise regularly, but my job had basically screwed my neck up. BIG TIME. Turns out I had my display at the wrong angle and height and this put unnecessary strain on my neck muscles. This is fine for a day or two, but over 10 years, the effects compound – and not in a good way.

A Quick Word on Standing Desks (And Why I Use One…)

My back also ached all the time from sitting down too much. As you’re probably aware, sitting down for prolonged periods of time has been linked to all kinds of nasty stuff – things like bowel cancer and osteoporosis. And no one wants any of that.

For this reason, at the start of 2018, I made a change: I bought a standing desk and updated my monitor position; I now have it directly at eye-height, so there is no strain on my neck or eyes. Has it made a difference? Hell yes. My neck is now fine and, thanks to my standing desk, I no longer have an achy lower back.

Turns out us humans weren’t meant to sit on our asses all day. Soon as I switched out my normal desk for a standing one, within a week or two, 99.9% of my back issues went away. 18 months later, I’d never go back to a normal desk. It does take a while to get used to standing up while you work, maybe a week, but once you’re adapted it’s so much better.

No more back pain. No more aches after prolonged working sessions. I always finish the day feeling completely normal. And an added bonus? Standing for eight hours a day, over the course of a year, burns a boat-load of calories – something like three marathon’s worth of something crazy like that…

I got my standing desk via StandDesk; it was the White Stand Up Desk, and I got the biggest one possible, as I run dual-monitors – I think it was the 72in x 30in. All in, you can grab on of these from $649. And while that is properly expensive, for me, the benefits of using it for just a year, more than outweigh the cons of the price.

StandDesk does all kinds of finishes too, these range in price, depending on the material. I love the reclaimed wood one, but it was a tad too expensive for me. All StandDesks are completely electric as well, so you just push a button to adjust the height. Out of everything I have in my home, my standing desk is probably one of the best investments I have ever made.

If you work on a computer for most of the day, investing in one will not only improve your health, but it will also help with any back pain issues or grumbles you might have from sitting down too much. As noted by many biologists and doctors: humans weren’t designed to sit down all day long. And if you can’t get out of work, a standing desk is the next best solution. And I can wholeheartedly recommend StandDesk’s range. They’re freakin’ awesome!

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