A former Google employee has introduced a novel application that aims to help adults rediscover their ability to dream, using – you guessed it – Ai…


Meet AI VisionBoard, An AI For Your Dreams…

  • Ex-Googler launches AI VisionBoard app
  • Creates personalized “dreamscapes” using AI
  • Combines image generation with AI life coaching
  • Generates realistic user images in various scenarios
  • Includes built-in AI life coach for motivation
  • Aims to help users visualize and manifest dreams

In an era where artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming various aspects of our lives, a former Google employee has introduced a novel application that aims to help adults rediscover their ability to dream and visualize their aspirations.

AI VisionBoard

AI VisionBoard, launched today by Georgi Marinov, is an AI-powered app that combines advanced image generation capabilities with life coaching features.

The app’s primary function is to create personalized “dreamscapes” based on users’ photographs and simple text prompts, allowing individuals to visually manifest their goals and desires.

“Throughout the development of AI VisionBoard, I was continuously amazed by the quality and realism of the images we can generate in just a few seconds,” Mr. Marinov said in an interview. “We can now empower users to visualize and manifest their dreams like never before.”

How It Works

The app’s core technology, a text-to-image AI model called Turbo Enigma, has already garnered significant attention in the AI community, with over 2 million runs on the Replicate platform.

What sets AI VisionBoard apart from other image generation tools is its ability to create lifelike images of the user in various scenarios within seconds.

Users can input prompts like “I am commanding a spaceship” or “I am exploring Venice,” and the app will generate a corresponding image featuring the user’s likeness.

Olena Clayton, a life coach and certified yoga teacher who invested in the project, emphasized the potential psychological benefits of the app.

“Visualizing one’s dreams – when we clearly see ourselves ‘in the picture’ – helps our mind and body ‘feel’ as if the desired event has occurred, attracting the right energy and opportunities into our lives,” Ms. Clayton explained.

The app also includes a built-in AI life coach that analyzes users’ image requests and offers suggestions for additional dreams to explore. This feature aims to provide motivational support and guidance towards achieving personal goals.

While AI VisionBoard is primarily targeted at individuals seeking personal growth and motivation, its developers suggest it could also be a valuable tool for educators, digital creators, and designers looking to visualize complex concepts or bring their ideas to life.


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