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OnePlus 13 Latest News, Reviews & Updates

Get all the latest OnePlus 13 news, leaks and specs in one place. The phone is due out in 2024 in China and 2025 in the West. What can we expect? Let’s find out…

  • OnePlus 13 Specs: What To Expect and What’s Rumored

    OnePlus 13 Specs: What To Expect and What’s Rumored

    The OnePlus 13 will get a release in China later this year and a global release in early 2025. Here’s what we currently know about its specs… Camera Capabilities Building on the success of the OnePlus 12’s camera system, the OnePlus 13 doesn’t need a complete overhaul. However, the potential upgrade to new Sony sensors…

  • OnePlus 13 Might Ditch Wireless Charging for Larger Battery

    OnePlus 13 Might Ditch Wireless Charging for Larger Battery

    In a surprising twist, recent rumors suggest that OnePlus may be taking a step back from wireless charging technology with its upcoming flagship model, the OnePlus 13. This move, if true, marks a significant departure from the company’s previous strategy and could spark debate among smartphone enthusiasts. Is Wireless Charging a Deal Breaker? The importance…

  • OnePlus 13 Rumor Deep-Dive: Everything You Need To Know…

    OnePlus 13 Rumor Deep-Dive: Everything You Need To Know…

    Here’s everything you need to know about the OnePlus 13, including all the latest news, leaks, and tweaks ahead of its launch later this year… The OnePlus 12 was one of favorite phones of the past 12 months. The camera was great and it looked totally badass. But work – as leaks have shown – is…

Frequently Asked

OnePlus 13 Release Date, Pricing & Availability

Curious about the OnePlus 13? Here’s what we know so far – based on rumors and leaks from our sources – about its release date, potential pricing, and general availability

When Will OnePlus 13 Get A Release Date?

OnePlus typically debuts its flagships in China first. The December timing positions the OnePlus 13 for the Chinese holiday shopping season. International markets can expect the OnePlus 13 in early 2025, with January being the most probable month

How Much Will OnePlus 13 Cost?

The OnePlus 12 launched at $799.99, setting a baseline for expectations. Given the rumored upgrades in technology and features, a modest price increase wouldn’t be surprising. However, OnePlus has built its brand on offering flagship-level devices at competitive prices. To maintain its value proposition and challenge rivals like Samsung, the company might aim to keep the price close to the $800 mark

Will There Be A OnePlus 13 Pro?

Given that Google is prepping a new model inside its Pixel 9 series, there is a distinct possibility that we could see the OnePlus 13 Pro launched in 2025. Nothing has leaked to suggest this yet, but it is well within the realms of possibility given the current market trends. 

Will The OnePlus 13 Have Wireless Charging?

Rumors suggest that while the device will retain its impressive 100W wired charging for quick power-ups, it may surprisingly omit wireless charging. This potential decision, if true, could be a point of contention for many OnePlus enthusiasts who have come to expect both wired and wireless fast charging options


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OnePlus 13 Latest News, Reviews & Updates