Should You Buy A Pixel Phone? A “PROS & CONS” Guide…

If you use Android and want the best software support possible, a Pixel phone could just be what the doctor ordered. But should you buy a Pixel phone over, say, something from Samsung or OnePlus? Let’s investigate… Google’s Pixel phone has been through numerous iterations now. It took The Big G a while to find […]

Is NordVPN Worth It? My 2 Cents (After 2+ Years of Use)

I’ve been using NordVPN since late-2017. During this time, I’ve tested a bunch of other VPNs. But I always come back to NordVPN. And the reason? Read on to find out… The #1 reason I have stayed with NordVPN is speed. NordVPN is incredibly fast, thanks to its 6000+ servers all over the world. This […]

iOS 15: All The Best New Features Coming To The iPhone

iOS 15 is PACKED with amazing new features. Here’s everything you need to know. Apple has unveiled the next generation of the iPhone’s operating system – iOS 15. Given the sheer volume of new features coming to iOS 15, it’s the biggest iOS update in years. Everything from FaceTime to Maps to Weather to Siri is […]

Plum App Review: AI-Driven Bill Saving, Money Management on Your Phone

Plum is an AI-powered app for Android and iPhone that will help you save on bills, set cash aside, and invest money 24/7 without you having to do anything… What if you could set money aside, save on bills, and invest money on a weekly basis without having to do anything? If you’re new to […]

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Do Fortnite Gifts Expire?

Received a gift from the Fortnite item shop but you’re unsure how long you get to keep the item for? Let’s figure it out… As Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free game itself, Epic Games design, create and sell cosmetics through their in-game Item Shop in order to generate revenue. To most people, to begin […]

Does Apple TV Have Live TV?

Apple TV is one of the best digital media players, but does it offer live TV? Wondering does Apple TV have live TV? It’s a very common question as Apple TV is becoming ever more popular.  But before we delve into the answer, it’s important to note we are talking about the Apple TV hardware […]

Is The OnePlus 9 Pro Worth It? My 2 Cents…

The OnePlus 9 Pro is the company’s 2021 flagship phone. But is it worth getting over, say, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 13 Pro Max? Let’s crunch the numbers and find out… After a slew of very good handsets, the OnePlus 9 Pro is perhaps OnePlus’ greatest achievement to date, bringing together all […]

Can Fortnite Run On Mac?

Hoping to run some Fortnite but only have a Mac to play it on? Let’s find out whether you can still get involved or not… Fortnite is a “Battle Royale” survival game in which 100 solos, 50 duos, 33 trios or 25 squads fight to be the last player or team standing in PvP combat. […]

Can I Hide The MacBook Notch?

The new MacBook Pro has a notch. Here’s what you can do about it. Wondering can I hide the MacBook notch? Apple’s most eagerly-awaited product by Mac fans in 2021 wasn’t the iPhone 13 – it was the new MacBook Pro. And Apple delivered. In October 2021, Apple introduced an all-new MacBook Pro, the first […]

Can Fortnite Be Played Offline?

Fortnite remains amongst the world’s most popular video games with a thriving online community – but can it still be played when there’s no internet access? Let’s find out… Fortnite is a “Battle Royale” survival game in which 100 people land on the island and compete to be the last player, duo, trio or squad […]

Is Neuralink Real? Yes – And It’s Coming Sooner Than You Think…

The concept and technology behind Neuralink are so far ahead of what we’ve grown accustomed to that it might as well be magic. Make no mistake Neuralink is happening and it’ll be here sooner than you think… I remember the first time I heard about Neuralink. I thought it was a joke or something far […]

What Is Neuralink? How It Works + Dangers & Installation

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a technological breakthrough quite like what Neuralink promises to be – but what exactly is it? and how will it work? Let’s investigate… Neuralink is a microchip that will be surgically implanted in your brain, allowing you to connect with and even manipulate computers. It will also aid […]

How To Clear Cache On Android: The #1 Quickest Method

How to quickly and safely clear cache on Android phones – here’s everything you need to know… The longer you use your phone, the larger its cache-bloat will be. Your phone’s cache is made up of bits of stored information from apps and games and web browsing. By itself it is fairly harmless but left unchecked […]

Are Fortnite Skins Cross-Platform?

Planning on switching platforms but concerned your Fortnite skins won’t go with you? Let’s investigate whether Fortnite cosmetics are cross-platform or platform-specific. Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, has been valued at nearly $29 billion this year. Given that the game itself is free to download and free to play, this gives an idea of […]

Apple Pencil Compatibility Guide: Which iPads Support It?

Apple makes two versions of the Apple Pencil and each is compatible with different versions of Apple’s iPad. It’s confusing as heck. Here’s everything you need to know… Because Apple makes both the Apple Pencil and the iPad, you’d think the Apple Pencil would be compatible with ALL iPads, right? It’s a fair assumption, but […]

Does The iPad Have MagSafe?

iPhones and Macs have MagSafe. What about the iPad? Wondering does the iPad have MagSafe? It’s a common question especially since all types of Apple products have MagSafe. And it’s no wonder why. MagSafe is an incredible technology that makes charging your device so much easier. Here’s what you need to know. What Is MagSafe? […]

Does Apple TV 4K Work On Any TV?

Do you need a 4K TV or will Apple TV 4K work with older televisions? Wondering does Apple TV 4K work on any TV? It’s a very common question – mostly thanks to that “4K” being in the name. After all, Apple also still makes the Apple TV HD. And to make things even more […]

Does HomePod mini Need To Be Plugged In?

Or does it have a battery? Wondering does HomePod mini need to be plugged in? It’s a very common question! The HomePod mini is Apple’s only smart speaker. However, it’s not the company’s first smart speaker. The HomePod mini debuted in November 2020 and came about two and a half years after the debut of […]

iPhone SE 3 Based on “iPhone XR Design” Coming In 2022

The iPhone SE 3 will be Apple’s last-ever LCD iPhone. It will also be based on the iPhone XR’s design and get a release date in 2022 Forget what you think you know about the iPhone SE 3. Previous leaks had claimed that the SE 3 would keep the same design as the iPhone SE […]

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