Nokia EOS PureView Windows Phone and Windows RT tablet coming in 2013

News Paul Briden 10:35, 23 Jan 2013

Nokia is working on another PureView Windows Phone with the Nokia 808's hardware

Nokia is working on a new PureView camera-equipped Windows Phone for 2013 dubbed the Nokia EOS. This is believed to be a working title and we expect the phone to appear under the Lumia brand.

According to the Verge's 'sources familiar with Nokia's plans' the EOS will carry the same setups as Nokia's 808 PureView Symbian handset rather than the Lumia 920's regular setup with optical stabilisation.

The EOS is also said to be made from aluminium, which lines up with earlier reports that Nokia was working with the lightweight metal for a follow up Lumia 920 handset.

According to the story the rumoured Nokia 'Catwalk' successor to the Lumia 920 with an aluminium body is still going ahead as a separate model.

Apparently another mid-range Lumia is coming in the summer and a Nokia Windows RT tablet is on the way in 'early 2013'.

The report has a couple of conflicting points, however. Firstly, it refers to the EOS as the 'first real PureView Windows Phone', which doesn't exactly sit with comments from Nokia personnel who've claimed the PureView brand doesn't represent any specific technology setup and is merely applied to the latest and greatest phone camera tech from Nokia.

In other words, we don't think Nokia would view the Lumia 920's PureView as anything other than a true PureView Windows Phone.

Secondly, the sources for the report apparently also say the EOS will have a 'squared' or angular appearance, which sits with existing models, but also claims this new phone is 'part of a fresh design cycle for Nokia's Lumia handsets that focuses on a new look'.

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