Do Apple iPads Have USB-C?

Most iPads have USB-C in 2022, but still, one doesn’t.

Wondering do Apple iPads have USB-C? It’s a common question, especially as the connection standard has become ubiquitous across a range of devices. While Apple has been, generally, slow to adopt USB-C, the company was also one of the first major tech giants to put the I/O connection on a flagship product.

Back in 2015, Apple introduced the then all-new MacBook and it included the company’s first USB-C port on a device. But it took years for Apple to start adding USB-C to its other devices and some, like the iPhone, still does not support USB-C?

But what about iPads? Here’s everything you need to know about USB-C and Apple iPads.

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What Is USB-C?

USB-C is a type of input/output (I/O) connector found on many devices in 2022. The first devices with USB-C began showing up in late 2014 and early 2015. As the name USB-C suggests, it’s related to the USB plug that came before it (which was known as USB-A). 

USB-C has a number of advantages over USB-A, however. The biggest advantages come from its physical shape. USB-C is much smaller than its predecessor, so you can put a USB-C port on thinner devices – like smartphones – where in the past there was no way you could put a USB-A port on a smartphone due to its thickness (that’s why prior to USB-C, many Android phones used micro-USB ports).

Another big advantage of USB-C is that it is orientation agnostic. That means there is no “right” way to plug it in. That’s opposed to USB-A, which required the user to plug it in right side up. But with USB-C, you can plug it in any way you want. In this respect, USB-C is similar to Apple’s Lightning port, which is orientation-agnostic, too.

What Devices Have USB-C?

In 2022, USB-C can be found on thousands of devices. Most Android smartphones now come with a USB-C port, as do Android tablets. And most computers – PC and Macs – have USB-C ports too. That means many accessories, like printers and scanners, now also have USB-C connections, as do other devices like digital cameras and the like.

All Macs Apple currently sells have USB-C ports as well. It’s also rumored that Apple’s iPhone will have USB-C ports starting in 2023 and its AirPods Pro case will have a USB-C port starting in 2022.

But what about Apple’s other major device category – the iPad?

Do iPads Have USB-C?

The iPad is Apple’s line of tablets – and they are by far the most popular tablets int he world. Right now, Apple makes four primary types of iPads: the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, the iPad, and the iPad mini.

Some of these iPads have USB-C ports–and they have for a while. So which iPads are those? 

Of the iPads Apple currently sells in 2022, these are the models that come with a USB-C port:

  • The iPad Pro line (12.9in and 11in)
  • The iPad Air 
  • The iPad mini

As a matter of fact, the only iPad that Apple sells in 2022 that till has a Lightning port is the iPad. It’s very likely that the next generation of the base iPad will have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, too.

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