Here’s what we know about Apple’s cheapest iPad coming later this year…

Wondering about the iPad 2022? Read on…

While Apple generally has pretty strong competition from Android in the smartphone market, the same can’t be said for the tablet market. While there are no shortage of Android tablets, they just can’t compete in design, features, or specs with the iPad lineup.

And the iPad lineup has swelled in recent years. When the original iPad was introduced a dozen years ago in 2010, there was just one model: the iPad. Now the iPad lineup includes four different models: the iPad, the iPad mini, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro.

While all four iPads have their different use cases, when most people think of “iPad” they are thinking of the entry-level model, which is currently on the 9th generation (which Apple released in fall 2021). This model is also sometimes referred to as the iPad 2021.

But will there be an iPad 2022 this year? That is a 10th-generation of the entry-level iPad? All rumors are pointing to yes. Here’s what we know about the iPad 2022 so far…

iPad 2022: Specs, Price, Release Date Of The 10th-Generation Entry-Level iPadPin

iPad 2022: Design

We now actually have a pretty good idea of the iPad 2022 will look like thanks to the publishing of iPad 2022 CAD renders by the site MySmartPrice

The CAD renderings are a surprise because it shows that Apple may finally be updating the design of the iPad 2022. What the renders reveal is that the iPad 2022 will feature flattened edges, much like the iPad mini and iPad Air feature now.

However, one major disappointment is that the CAD renders reveal that the iPad 2022 will retain the relatively thick forehead and chin bezels as the iPad 2021. This means the iPad 2022 will retain the round home button with integrated Touch ID instead of moving the Touch ID sensor to the side of the device like it is on the iPad mini and iPad Air.

This also means the iPad 2022 won’t feature a perfectly even bezel as the top and bottom will have thicker bezels than the sides. As for the dimensions of the device, the Cad renderings show its 248.62 x 179.50 x 6.98mm. That compares to the 250.6 mm x 174.1 mm x 7.5 mm dimensions of the iPad 2021. So the iPad 2022 will be thinner.

iPad 2022: Specs

The cAd renderings reveal the iPad 2022 will retain the front-facing camera on the top of the device and the rear camera will remain a single-lens camera, which isn’t a surprise as the iPad 2022 will be the entry-level iPad. 

The CAD renderings show another hole near the rear camera, but it’s not clear whether this is a microphone hole or the hole for a flash.

While the iPad 2022 CAD renderings have the charging port on the iPad 2022 obscured, many are expecting the iPad 2022 to move from a Lighting port to a USB-C port with this generation. That would make a lot of sense as all other iPads now have a USB-C port.

As for the chipset, it’s likely the iPad 2022 will get the A14 processor.

iPad 2022: Cost

Currently the iPad 2021 starts at $329. Given that the iPad 2022 has a new design, it’s possible Apple may rise the price point of the device, perhaps to $349 or $369. However, Apple could choose to sell the iPad 2022 at the same $329 price point as well.

iPad 2022: Release Date

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple may not release iPadOS 16 in September 2022 alongside iOS 16. Instead, Apple may delay the release of iPadOS 16 until October 2022. If that’s the case, it’s also likely Apple won’t release the new iPad 2022 until October 2022, while still showing the new model off at its annual September event next month.

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