You can download macOS Ventura for your Mac before the fall…

This past June Apple previewed its upcoming operating systems including iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS 13. It’s the latter, macOS 13, which is the operating system that runs on Macs.

When Apple previewed macOS 13, it revealed it would have an improved Spotlight, new Clock and Weather apps, a new multitasking feature called Stage Manager, and a slew of other new features including the ability to hand off FaceTime calls.

Apple also announced macOS 13 would officially be branded as macOS Ventura. As for the release date of macOS Ventura, it usually follows about a month after the public release of the latest iOS, so for now it’s best not to expect the final version of macOS Ventura before October 2022.

However, you don’t have to wait until then to get macOS Ventura on your Mac. Here’s how to get macOS Ventura on your Mac today…

How To Download macOS Ventura TODAY. Here’s How To Get macOS Ventura On Your Mac right nowPin

macOS Ventura: Download The Developer Beta

The first way to get macOS Ventura is to download the macOS Ventura developer beta. Apple released this as soon as the WWDC 2022 keynote ended–as it always does for developer betas.

However, in order to install the macOS Ventura developer beta, you need to be a registered Apple developer. Registration costs $99 per year and gives you access to all of Apple’s developer resources and tools.

To sign up as an Apple developer go to developer.apple.com. You’ll then be able to download the macOS Ventura developer beta.

macOS Ventura: Download The Public Beta

While the developer beta of macOS Ventura is out today, another beta won’t be coming until July, but it will be the one non-developers want to wait for. I’m talking about the macOS Ventura public beta. 

The macOS Ventura public beta is available through the Apple Beta Software Program, which is free for anyone to sign up for. And best of all there is no fee like there is with the Apple Developer Program.

There are a few things to note about the macOS Ventura public beta, however. It will usually always be one cycle behind the developer beta–that means it may not always have the latest features or changes the most recent developer beta offers.

The developer beta gets changes first and those changes are only trickled down to the public beta in the next rev. This is actually a good thing as Apple can take feedback from the developer beta and then use it to improve stability in the next macOS Ventura public beta.

The public beta of macOS Ventura will probably launch in July. You can get access to it by signing up for free to the Apple Beta Software Program at beta.apple.com/betaprogram.

macOS Ventura Beta MAJOR WARNING

There’s no doubt about it: macOS Ventura looks amazing. A slew of new features and small tweaks in macOS Ventura will make your Mac experience that much better. So we understand that people can’t wait to get their hands on it.

However, there is a big word of warning everyone should heed before they install either macOS Ventura beta on their Mac: betas come with risk. Betas are unfinished software that has bugs and other stability issues. This means betas are generally unstable. Unstable software could lead to data loss (like your files getting deleted) or even brick your Mac (make it non-functional) in the worst-case scenario. 

This means that if you do decide to install either macOS Ventura beta, you should back up all your data first so you can restore it if things go bad. The best practice for any beta, of course, is never install a beta on your primary device. So if you have an extra Mac at home that doesn’t contain your critical data and isn’t your primary work machine, it. Would be better to install the macOS Ventura beta on that.

In short, use betas at your own risk.

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