watchOS 10: Features, Supported Devices, Release Date & More! (The Ultimate Guide)

Apple has shown off the upcoming watchOS 10 for Apple Watch. Here are the best new features and supported devices.

Key Takeaways: What’s New in watchOS 10

  • Redesigned Apps for Better Usability: Almost every app has been redesigned for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Smart Stack Quick Access to Info: Turn the digital crown to access a stack of widget-like elements, showing everything from weather to messages.
  • Fresh Watch Faces: New watch faces include characters from Charlie Brown and a color-shifting face called Palette.
  • Hiking Gets a Boost: Enhanced features for hikers include an updated Compass app with Elevation View, searchable nearby trails, and topographical maps.
  • Broad Compatibility: watchOS 10 will be compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and newer, including the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Feature Limitations: Not all features will be available on older Apple Watches due to hardware limitations.
  • Release Timeline: Developer beta is already out, public beta expected in July, and the final version will likely launch in September 2023 alongside iOS 17.

Feeling stuck with your current Apple Watch software? You’re not alone.

Many users like you have eagerly awaited something groundbreaking to elevate their Apple Watch experience. You’ve probably updated your iPhone to iOS 17 enjoyed the new features, and now you’re wondering, “What about my Apple Watch?”

Good news! Your wait is almost over. Apple has just unveiled watchOS 10 at WWDC23, and it’s set to be a game-changer. This isn’t just another update; it’s a complete overhaul that promises to redefine how you interact with your Apple Watch.

So, what’s in store for you? This guide will walk you through everything you need about watchOS 10—from its groundbreaking features to the Apple Watch models that will support this new operating system.

watchOS 10: Features, Supported Devices, Release Date & More! (The Ultimate Guide)Pin
Credit: Apple

WatchOS 10: Features That Will Elevate Your Apple Watch Experience

Eager to know what’s coming next for your Apple Watch? You’re in the right place. Unveiled at WWDC23, watchOS 10 is set to be a monumental update that will redefine how you interact with your device.

From new health metrics to enhanced connectivity with iOS 17, this isn’t just a minor tweak—it’s a full-scale upgrade.

Here is the rundown on the most compelling features of watchOS 10:

Redesigned Apps: A Fresh Look That Changes the Game

You’ve been navigating your Apple Watch apps and thought, “This could be better,” right? Well, watchOS 10 heard you loud and clear. One of the standout features of this update is the complete revamp of nearly every app on your Apple Watch.

While some might appear similar to their watchOS 9 versions, don’t be fooled. Each app has been fine-tuned for a more intuitive user experience, from button layouts to information displays.

Apple puts it succinctly: “Virtually every app has been rethought.”

What does this mean for you? It means your apps now entirely use the display, offering new spaces for content. You’ll be able to see more and do more faster than ever before. And if you’re syncing with iOS 17, expect even smoother transitions and enhanced functionalities across the board.

Why does this matter? For people like you, time is of the essence. A more efficient layout can shave seconds off tasks, which adds up over a day. Whether you’re using the Apple Watch Series 9 or the Series 3, these redesigned apps are set to make your life easier and more productive.

Smart Stack: Your Personalized Dashboard Right on Your Wrist

In watchOS 10, Smart Stack elevates your Apple Watch experience by offering a personalized dashboard at your fingertips. Rotate the digital crown, and you’ll see real-time widgets for weather, messages, and reminders. This feature eliminates the need for multiple complications on your watch face, allowing for a cleaner, more minimalist look.

Smart Stack is highly customizable. You can insert, delete, or reorder widgets based on your preferences. It’s compatible with various Apple Watch models and integrates seamlessly with iOS 17.

Smart Stack isn’t just a feature; it’s a new way to interact with your Apple Watch. Whether you have the latest Apple Watch Series 9 or an older model, Smart Stack makes accessing crucial information effortless and intuitive.

Fresh Faces for Your Apple Watch

You’re probably as excited as we are about the new watch faces in watchOS 10. A fresh face can breathe new life into your Apple Watch experience. While Apple hasn’t yet delivered the much-anticipated watch face store, they’ve rolled out some intriguing options.

First up are two faces featuring iconic characters—Snoopy and Woodstock—from the beloved Charlie Brown series.

Then there’s Palette, a face that’s all about color. Apple describes it this way:

“See time as a range of beautiful colors that shift throughout the day, using three distinct overlapping layers.”

Apple on watchOS10’s New Watch Faces

Palette isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a dynamic canvas that changes hues based on the time of day. It’s like having a living piece of art right on your wrist. If you’re running iOS 17 beta on your iPhone, you’ll find that these new faces sync seamlessly with your device.

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting the iOS 17 release date or want to jazz up your Apple Watch, these new faces are welcome. And let’s not forget, new watch bands can also complement these faces, making your Apple Watch truly yours.

Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures with WatchOS 10’s Hiking Upgrades

WatchOS 10 will become your new trail companion if you’re an avid hiker. The Compass app now introduces a Last Cellular Connection Waypoint, pinpointing the last spot you had service—ideal for backtracking to a connected zone. And that’s not all; it also offers an updated Elevation View, giving you a 3D perspective of your saved waypoints.

But wait, there’s more. Apple Maps has upped its game with topographic maps that include contour lines, hill shading, and elevation details. You can even discover nearby trails, complete with trail length, type, and difficulty ratings. No more guesswork; you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before you set foot on the trail.

Elevation alerts are another nifty feature. Once you cross a specific elevation threshold, your Apple Watch will give you a heads-up. It’s like having a personal guide on your wrist, keeping you informed every step.

watchOS 10: Features, Supported Devices, Release Date & More! (The Ultimate Guide)Pin
Credit: Apple

WatchOS 10: The Best User Experience Benefits

Are you curious about how WatchOS 10 will transform your Apple Watch experience? Released alongside iOS 17, this update isn’t just about minor adjustments; it’s a game-changer in how you interact with your device.

Here is the lowdown on WatchOS 10’s best user experience benefits:

Interface Fluidity and Responsiveness

You’re likely excited about the watchOS 10 release, and rightly so. This update takes interface fluidity and responsiveness to the next level.

You’ll experience smoother navigation, whether swiping through notifications or taking calls. The refined code, possibly a perk from the simultaneous iOS 17 beta launch, eliminates almost all lag. It’s not just about speed; this level of fluidity enriches the whole user experience.

WatchOS 10 doesn’t just bring minor upgrades; it integrates seamlessly into your workflow. You’ll manage tasks more swiftly, maximizing productivity. The new interface fluidity is more than a flashy feature; it’s a significant advantage for any busy user.

Battery Life Improvements

WatchOS 10 significantly improves battery life, optimizing energy use without sacrificing performance. This is especially noteworthy if you’re eyeing the upcoming iOS 17 release. The update employs smart power management, dimming the screen and controlling background activities more efficiently.

So why does this matter? Beyond the obvious benefit of fewer charges, the enhanced battery life enhances your interaction with your Apple Watch running WatchOS 10 and iPhone with iOS 17 or its beta version. You can now focus on using your devices to their fullest potential without obsessing over battery levels.

This isn’t just a tweak; it’s a shift in user experience. With better battery life, your Apple Watch becomes a more reliable tool for your daily activities. Say goodbye to inconvenient power-saving measures and hello to a more resilient wrist companion.

Accessibility Features

WatchOS 10 doesn’t just impress with its aesthetics and performance; it also breaks barriers in accessibility. The VoiceOver enhancements speak volumes, ensuring effortless navigation for all.

Pair it with iOS 17 beta, and you’re in for a seamless experience, especially as the iOS 17 release date approaches. This version also turbocharges the Magnifier feature, so a clearer world is just a swipe and a tap away. AssistiveTouch gets intuitive, too, recognizing even slight muscle twitches to execute commands.

There’s no question; watchOS 10 sets a new standard in making tech accessible for everyone. Make a note of the watchOS 10 release date; you won’t want to miss it.

watchOS 10: Apple Watch Compatibility

Great news for Apple Watch enthusiasts—you won’t need to upgrade your hardware to enjoy watchOS 10. The new OS is compatible with a broad range of models, including:

You’re in luck if you’re still sporting a device that runs watchOS 9. All those models continue to support the new watchOS 10. However, it’s crucial to note that not all features will be available across all devices. This limitation is likely due to the hardware constraints of older models.

Now, let’s talk about those feature limitations. While your older Apple Watch will run watchOS 10, you might miss out on some of the latest functionalities. It’s a trade-off that many will find reasonable, given the cost of upgrading to a new device.

Before you jump into the watchOS 10 experience, it’s a good idea to check which features are supported on your current model. This will help you decide whether an upgrade is necessary for you to enjoy the full range of watchOS 10 features.

watchOS 10: Release Date

You’re keen to know when you can get your hands on watchOS 10? Apple pulled back the curtain on this much-anticipated update at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2023. If you’re a developer, you’re in luck—Apple released the developer beta on the same day. But don’t fret if you’re not knee-deep in code; a public beta is slated for July.

Now, let’s talk about the grand debut. You can set your calendar reminders for September 2023. Why? Because that’s when Apple plans to roll out watchOS 10 to the masses. And get this—it’s not coming alone. Apple will also unveil iOS 17, making it a blockbuster month for users.

Whether you’re eyeing new watch bands or eager to explore watchOS 10 features, September is the month to mark. It’s not just about the Apple Watch; if you’re also tracking iOS 17 and its release date or in the iOS 17 beta program, this dual release is like hitting the tech jackpot.

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