iPad RAM Size Comparison Chart: How Much RAM Do iPads Have In 2022?

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 07/27/22 •  4 min read

iPads have increased their RAM sizes over the years, with some having up to 16 GB of RAM.

Wondering about iPad RAM size? Read on!

While Apple usually has some serious competition in the smartphone market from Android flagships, the same can’t be said for tablet competition. As a matter of fact, iPads are generally known as the best tablets on the planet.

This iPad dominance in the tablet market is thanks as much to their design and operating system as their internal specs. iPad tablets usually have the best displays on the market, the fastest processors, and the most storage.

However, one thing is hard to pin down about iPads: their RAM allocation. You see, Apple doesn’t usually reveal the amount of RAM inside of each iPad. That leaves it up to third parties to find out how much RAM each iPad has. 

But so you don’t have to scour the web to find the amount of RAM in each iPad, we’ve assembled this list of all iPads that will support iPadOS 16 this fall. Why was iPadOS 16 the cutoff? Because iPads older than that are basically considered out of date now.

Before we jump into how much RAM each iPad has, also be sure to check out our list of how much RAM each iPhone has and how much RAM the Apple Watch has.

iPad RAM Size Comparison Chart: How Much RAM Do iPads Have In 2022?
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How Much RAM Do iPads Have?

We’ve separated the iPads out into their various models to list how much RAM each iPad has.

iPad Pro

iPad Air


iPad mini

Why Doesn’t Apple Advertise iPad RAM?

Apple has historically not touted the amount of RAM each iPad has. Why is this? A lot of it comes down to the general consumer’s perception of RAM.

Most people think, when it comes to computer components, that the more something has the better. And this is generally true: the higher clock rate a CPU has, the faster it usually is. And yes, 4 GB of RAM is better than 2 GB of RAM. 4 GB of RAM leads to faster processes than 2 GB of RAM.

Well, kind of.

All other things being equal, 4 GB of RAM is better than 2 GB of RAM – but only when you are comparing the same device.

Here’s what I mean: Apple has historically been able to get away with putting less RAM in their devices because their devices’ other components (the M-chip or the iPadOS operating system) are so refined and powerful, which leads to a much speedier device overall.

But Android tablets generally don’t use chipsets or operating systems as refined and powerful as the ones the iPad does. So Android tablet manufacturers make up for this lack of speed by boosting the RAM, thus making their devices speedier.

But Apple doesn’t have to do that. Even with less RAM than your typical Android tablet, the iPad is generally faster thanks to refinements across its hardware and software.

But even though this is the case, the average consumer still thinks 4 GB or RAM in an Android tablet means it’s faster than an iPad with just 3 GB or RAM, which isn’t necessarily the case. 

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