The Apple Watch 7 will get a release date later this year and leaked information claims the wearable will be getting bigger with two new sizes…

How much bigger will the Apple Watch 7 be? According to a leaker based out of China, the new Apple Watch 7 will come in two different sizes. The new models will measure in at 41mm and 45mm.

Apple’s current Apple Watch – the Apple Watch 6 – also comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, which is smaller. But not by much, a millimetre is hardly something to get too excited about.

If true, Apple’s new Apple Watch 7 would be bigger than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 which comes in two sizes: 40mm model and 44mm model. But Samsung does have a larger option in the form of its Galaxy Watch 4 Classic model which comes in 42mm and 46mm versions.

How Does This Affect Current Apple Watch Bands?

If Apple changes the size of the Apple Watch, won’t this affect ALL current Apple Watch bands? Apparently not, says UnclePan, the leaker. Apple has apparently tweaked the design so that existing Apple Watch bands will fit the new, larger models.

What Else is New With The Apple Watch 7?


As of right now, we don’t know too much about the Apple Watch 7, save for it possibly being slightly larger. We can expect improvements to battery life, potentially a 5G model, and other internal updates with a new CPU and updated memory.

As for features, Samsung really raised the bar with its Galaxy Watch 4, so I’d expect Apple to hit the ground running with the Apple Watch 4. The Galaxy Watch 4 can measure your body fat and composition from your wrist, for instance, and this is pretty huge.

It’d be great to see some brand new feature like this packaged inside the new Apple Watch 7, although I haven’t heard anything concrete about new features just yet.

There is talk about the Apple Watch 7 having “more advanced” health-tracking features, so I am fairly confident there’ll be plenty of new stuff to get excited about. And Apple really wants to get blood pressure readings working from Apple Watch.

In fact, its focus now seems to be making Apple Watch an essential piece of kit for proactively managing your health. Apple has made massive in-roads into the health niche in recent years, so being able to measure body composition and body fat on the Series 7 would be great.

Mark Gurman says the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature “a faster processor, slight redesign, flatter screen and Time to Walk and Audio Meditations in Fitness+”.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to get a release date in September, so whatever happens, we don’t have long to wait.

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