Apple’s iPhones no longer come with chargers, but what about the Apple Watch?

Wondering does Apple Watch 7 come with a charger? It’s not a stupid question. After all, for years all kinds of Apple devices came with a charger in the box. This included everything from devices such as the MacBook and the iPhone.

However, several years ago, Apple announced it would no longer include a charger in the box with the iPhone. Apple’s reason for this change was an environmental one. The company said that most people who buy a new iPhone already have multiple unused chargers at home from prior iPhones and other devices. Thus, the new iPhone owner didn’t need yet another charger, which would just lead to more environmental waste (or “e-waste”).

Of course, Apple did get another benefit from eliminating the charger from the iPhone box. The company now saves a few more dollar per iPhone in costs since it doesn’t need to include a charger in the box. Still, despite the cost-benefit for Apple, the company is right that the fewer unused chargers it puts the the market, the better off the environment is.

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What Does Come With The Apple Watch 7?

The Apple Watch 7 is a great device that is mainly an iterative advancement of the Apple Watch Series 6. The Apple Watch Series 7 features many of the same internals, but it sports a larger display – the biggest yet.

Inside the box you’ll find the Apple Watch Series 7 itself, the band you selected, and the magnetic fast charger-to-USB-C cable. 

And that’s it.

Of course, that’s really all you need when you buy an Apple Watch. That is, besides an iPhone, which you need to pair with and set up the Apple Watch. 

As for the band, you’ll need to select which one you want when you purchase the Apple Watch. Apple makes dozens of bands in multiple material options (rubber, leather, steel, etc).

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The Problem With The Apple Watch Series 7 Not Having A Charger

Eliminating the charger from the Apple Watch Series 7 box is a laudable move on Apple’s part from an environmental standpoint. Yet, it is a bit more troublesome than Apple removing the charger from the iPhone’s box.

That’s because the Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a USB-C charging cable. But many Apple Watch Series 7 buyers may not have a USB-C wall charger lying around their house. After all, the majority of iPhones shipped to date came with a USB-A charger, which is physically different in shape. 

This means Apple Watch Series 7 buyers that don’t already have a USB-C charger will need to either buy their own, or have a computer with USB-C ports that they can plug the Apple Watch Series 7 charging cord in to. Of course, using a computer to charger your Apple Watch Series 7 isn’t the most convenient thing as many people like to charge their Apple Watch on their nightstand when they got to bed at night.

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How Much Is An Apple Watch Series 7 Charger?

If you do need to buy an Apple Watch charger, it will set you back $19.99. That’s what Apple charges for its 20W USB-C Power Adapter. However, the good news is this isn’t just designed for the Apple Watch Series 7. It will work with most iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, provided you have a USB-C charging cable for those devices.

Does Apple Watch 7 Come With A Charger?

No. The Apple Watch Series 7 does not come with a charger in the box. You will need to use an existing one or buy a new charger.

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