Here’s a simple, easy to understand guide about choosing the best prepaid plan for your exact needs and requirements…

Prepaid phone plans are getting more and more popular. Why? The main reason is cost – prepaid phone plans cost less than traditional postpaid plans.

And not just by a little, either – it is actually quite a significant amount of money. Imagine reducing your monthly phone bill from, say, $85 per month down to $15. Pretty cool, right?

But before you bite the bullet and ditch your postpaid carrier plan, there are a few things you need to know about before switching to a prepaid plan, and they’re all pretty important.

This is why knowing about prepaid phone features BEFORE you get one is important.

In this post, we’ll detail everything you need to know about choosing the best prepaid plan for your specific needs and requirements.

We’ll cover all the bases, everything you need to know, and highlight which prepaid plans we think are best right now.

Let’s do this…

Choosing The Best Prepaid Plan: Things To Keep In Mind…

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How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Most people gravitate towards prepaid phone plans because they’re cheaper, and everybody likes a good deal. But even in this realm of cheaper phone plans, there are price differences you need to be aware of.

Prepaid plans come in a wide range of prices, from affordable options for budget-conscious users to more expensive plans with premium features.

Basic plans typically start at around $10-$15 per month, while more advanced plans can cost anywhere from $40-$60 per month or even higher.

Again, it ALL depends on your wants and needs.

If you want unlimited data and access to Ultra Wide-Band 5G networks, that’s going to cost more. VISIBLE’s prepaid plan includes both of these things, but it’ll cost you $45 per month.

Other prepaid plans, those from the likes of Mint Mobile and Verizon, do not include unlimited data and access to next-gen 5G networks. You still get 5G connectivity, just not the ultra-fast kind, and these plans are cheaper as a result.

If you want do not want to spend anymore than $20 a month and you can live with 10GB or 15GB of data per month, you have lots of excellent options in the market today – these are the best prepaid plans now (for this type of price bracket).

But if you want unlimited, ultra-fast data, sure, that’s available too but it comes with a premium attached to it. If you’re cool with that, go for it. You’re getting rapid, unlimited data and, as a side bonus, you’re not contractually obligated to the carrier either.

Factors That Affect Price

  • Data Allowance: Plans with higher data allowances usually cost more than those with limited or no data. Heavy data users who require more gigabytes per month for streaming, browsing, and downloading will need to opt for a more expensive plan.
  • Voice and Text Services: Unlimited talk and text features often come with a higher price tag. Plans with limited or pay-as-you-go voice and text options will generally be cheaper.
  • International Services: Prepaid plans that include international calling or roaming capabilities are typically more expensive than those without such features.
  • Network Quality: Plans from major carriers, known for their extensive coverage and reliable networks, may cost more than those from smaller carriers or mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

How Much Data Do You Need?

Before you get a prepaid plan, you need to know how much data you’ll need to get by. Most people grossly over estimate how much data they use on a monthly basis. I ran unlimited data plans for years and, for the most part, very rarely used more than 10GB of data during any given month.

This is why I switched to this plan (it comes with 15GB and costs $20) and saved myself $60 a month on my phone bill. Previously, I used Verizon’s 5G Get More Plan.

Most of us, whether we work remotely, don’t work at all, or work in an office, spend the vast majority of our day connected to WiFi networks which, in most cases, provide free access to the internet.

So, unless you’re streaming hours of video per day on your commute to and from work, you probably do not need unlimited data on your plan. If you do, you can still use a prepaid plan – just know it will cost quite a bit more than one that comes with 10GB or 20GB of data per month.

Why Do Some Prepaid Phone Plans Cost More?

We’ve touched on this a bit above but in order to be as clear as possible, here’s a quick breakdown of why some prepaid phone plans cost more than others.

  • Premium Features: Higher-priced plans often include premium features such as higher data allowances, unlimited talk and text, international calling, and mobile hotspot capabilities.
  • Better Network Coverage: More expensive plans usually come from carriers with wider network coverage and faster data speeds, ensuring a more seamless user experience.
  • Customer Support and Additional Services: Some carriers may offer better customer support, device protection plans, or exclusive perks, which can increase the cost of a prepaid plan.

Wrapping Up…

Choosing the best prepaid phone plan for you needs is ALL about finding the right balance between what you need – usually, monthly data allowances, international calling, and data speeds – versus what you want to pay.

If all you need is 10GB or 20GB of data per month, access to 5G, and unlimited calls and texts, you’ll pay in and around $15 to $20 a month for a plan. This, in my opinion, is the sweet spot for most people.

If you require faster 5G (Ultra Wide-Band 5G), unlimited data, and things like international calling and texting, you’re going to have to pay more for the premium.

Plans in this niche start from around $45 per month with VISIBLE’s being the best value right now.

Whichever plan you do decide to go for, though, one thing is almost certain: you will be paying WAY less per month than you would on a postpay phone plan.

And with that in mind, here’s our #1 picks for the best prepaid phone plans on the market right now.

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