Amazon 2019 Launch – Echo Buds, Speakers, Ovens, Frames & Samual L. Jackson

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 09/26/19 •  7 min read

And in case you missed it, here’s what was announced at the Amazon 2019 launch event:

Amazon 2019 Launch Event – Everything That Was Announced… 

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Crazy, right? I mean, Amazon just went on stage and launched a product in pretty much every major consumer technology category going. The only thing missing was a car and a drone!

As events go, this one was pretty memorable. Especially if you’re used to sitting through a 3-hour Apple event where the only new thing announced is a camera and processor. Going into the event, I had no idea Amazon had this much stuff planned for 2019/20.

Let’s take an individual look at exactly what was announced, one by one and have a guess about which will be HOT and which could potentially FLOP.

Amazon 2019 Launch Products Detailed

What’s The Take-Away From Amazon’s 2019 Launch Event?

Pretty simple, really: Amazon wants Alexa in EVERYTHING inside your home – from your cooker to your plug sockets. This product range, for want of a better word, is insane. I cannot ever recall covering such an expansive and diverse range of products in one sitting…

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Cheaper & Probably Better Than Apple’s AirPods. Meet Amazon’s Alexa-Powered Echo Buds ($129.99)

But this is Amazon’s ace in the hole; it’s the world’s biggest retailer. It has tens of millions of monthly customers, so why not get into the hardware business properly. And while you’re at it, quickly make Alexa the most-used voice assistant on the planet.

Amazon has tried and failed with phones and tablets. Apple and Google’s hardware partners control that market. But Amazon could easily control the voice-assistant device market. It has the products, it has the audience, and with these two things in place, who can stop it?

For me, the coolest things announced at the Amazon 2019 launch event were the Echo Buds and the Echo Studio. I’m a bit of a music lover, so these two products immediately struck a chord with me. The Echo Buds, for instance, are cheaper than Apple’s AirPods, feature Bose’s noise-canceling technology, and will deliver excellent sound quality. I’m sold already and I haven’t even tried them!

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The Internals of Amazon’s Awesome New Echo Studio. Looks Powerful AF!

I also think the Echo Studio will go on to wipe the floor with Apple’s HomePod. Alexa is more open to third-party applications by its very nature and this, combined with the serious audio equipment and specs used inside the Echo Studio, should make it one of the best selling smart speakers this Christmas.

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