Apple’s 2022 iPhone 14, now under development, will feature 120Hz ProMotion displays in all models, including the base model iPhone 14

With the iPhone 13 range’s release just around the corner, development work on Apple’s 2021 iPhones has now concluded. The company will soon move into production mode for the iPhone 13 and refocus on the development of its 2022 release, the iPhone 14.

This never-ending development cycle is why we get leaks so early on; it is why rumors about Apple’s iPhone 14 are now surfacing before the iPhone 13 is even official. And like all good leaks and rumors, this new information about Apple’s 2022 iPhone 14 is pretty juicy.

All iPhone 14 Models Will Feature 120Hz ProMotion Displays

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature the company’s new 120Hz ProMotion displays. But in 2022, this technology will finally trickle down to the company’s cheaper and most popular model, the base model iPhone 14.

And there might not be ANY notch on Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro models either.

There will be no iPhone 14 Mini, however. Apparently, that phone is being phased out and will be replaced by an ultra-cheap iPhone SE 3 in 2022. The new iPhone SE 3 will look largely the same as the iPhone SE 2020, but it will run Apple’s A14 CPU and feature 5G.

In-Display TouchID Coming To iPhone 14?

iPhone 14 LeakPin

One of the most persistent rumors about Apple’s iPhone for the last couple of years has been that the company will bring back TouchID to its phones. Only this TouchID will not require a physical button. Instead, it will live under the iPhone’s OLED display.

Back at the start of 2021 and the back end of 2020, we heard plenty of talk about Apple bringing an in-display fingerprint scanner to the iPhone 13 range. This isn’t happening, of course – we now know pretty much everything about what the iPhone 13 will be like.

But if you’re holding onto your iPhone 12 for another year, the iPhone 14 looks like it will be the first iPhone to feature an in-display TouchID sensor, at least that’s what Ming-Chi Kuo believes – and he’s usually bang on the money.

Cheaper Prices For Pro Max Models In 2022?

Kuo also believes that Apple will reduce the cost of ALL of its iPhones in 2022, reducing the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro Max to under $900 for the first time ever . If true, this would be amazing. But I definitely have my doubts.

Why? The main reason is that Apple will bring plenty of new features and updates to the iPhone 14 lineup, including a more advanced 48MP camera and that in-display TouchID sensor we discussed earlier.

And new features ALWAYS mean more money. This is just the way Apple’s iPhone business model works. And if we do get 120Hz OLED panels on ALL iPhone 14 models, including the base model iPhone 14, I’d expect to see prices increase across the board.

Adding in more features and making the price cheaper does not make sense. Apple has never done this, and I don’t see it starting to do it in 2022. Not while it remains one of the most profitable brands in the technology space.

I would, of course, love to be wrong about this. A sub-$1000 iPhone 14 Pro Max phone would be amazing.