iPhone 11 Camera’s “Smart Frame” Explained – How It Works


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Apple’s iPhone 11 will reportedly feature an updated camera, and one of its new features is called Smart Frame – but what does it do?

Apple’s incoming iPhone 11 release will feature a new camera, a triple-lens one, apparently. This new camera set-up on the iPhone 11 should drastically improve the iPhone’s imaging performance over last year’s iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max.

And one of the iPhone 11 camera’s new features will apparently be called “Smart Frame” – but what exactly does Smart Frame do? Let’s take a look at what’s known about Apple’s Smart Frame and see if this is actually something to get excited about…

Apple’s Smart Frame For iPhone 11 Explained


Not so long ago, 9 to 5 Mac‘s Guilherme Rambo published a pretty compelling article on the iPhone 11, detailing pretty much exactly what we can expect from Apple’s iPhone 11 later on this year.

But one of the more interesting notes from the report concerned something Rambo called Smart Frame. Smart Frame is a tool that captures the area around the photo’s subject, the background essentially, so the user can then edit and/or augment it in post.

With Smart Frame, you will be able to adjust the perspective of an image after it had been taken. This means you will be able to add things like bokeh effects or adjust the lighting and focus of things in post.

Another potential feature? Imagine you take a picture, but something is slightly out of shot – a person’s head or something. Well, with Smart Frame, you could theoretically add it back in during post-editing. Crazy.

Apple likely has even more uses for Smart Frame, but we’ll have to wait until launch to find out more about Smart Frame’s complete features list.

iPhone 11 Camera Updates

I think it is fairly safe to assume that the iPhone 11’s camera, alongside Apple’s new A13 processor, will represent the biggest changes and updates inside the iPhone 11. The design, for instance, will apparently remain unchanged. But this is to be expected, though it does often make for a dull launch.

Still, Apple’s said to be drilling-down BIG TIME on the iPhone 11’s camera this year, adding in more advanced features with significant updates to how the iPhone handles image processing. Google is currently pushing the envelope with what’s possible with machine learning and camera technology, so expect Apple to counter this with the release of the iPhone 11.

The low-light performance of the iPhone 11 will also likely be better, bringing it more in-line with Google’s latest camera technology, which is utterly superb in all modes, as well as low light conditions. However, in true Apple fashion, only the most expensive iPhone will benefit from all these camera updates.

The flagship iPhone model for 2019, the iPhone XS Max’s replacement, will feature a triple-lens camera, while the other, cheaper iPhones will retain their dual-lens setups. Smart Frame will, however, likely appear on all as that feature will almost certainly be powered by software and machine learning.

What About The iPhone 11’s Front-Facing Camera?

It’s not just the rear-mounted camera that’s getting a big update inside Apple’s iPhone 11 range. According to multiple sources, Apple will dramatically overhaul the front-facing camera on the iPhone 11 too, adding in support for improved facial recognition, 60fps slow-motion video recording, and a super-wide lens for advanced and better quality selfies and video-calling capabilities.

The notch on ALL iPhones in 2019 will remain the same size as before, though this is to be expected as the design of Apple’s iPhone 11 will be almost identical to 2018’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

For a more detailed breakdown of Apple’s iPhone 11, make sure you check out our Complete Guide To Apple’s iPhone 11 – it covers off all the latest rumors and leaks.

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