How Much is iPhone 11 In 2023? Not Much At All – Here’s Why…

How much does the iPhone 11 cost in 2023? And – more importantly – is it actually worth buying? Here’s everything you need to know…

Key Takeaways: Choosing the Right iPhone 11 📱

Here’s a quick and straight-forward breakdown of how much you’ll pay for an iPhone 11 in 2023. We’ve included a range of possible options based on storage and whether the phones are locked or unlocked.

Best for Average Users (Moderate Storage): 🌟

Tip: 👍 Choose based on your favorite color or preferred carrier!

Best Value for Money: 💰

Tip: 🏆 Go for Black in the UK and higher storage in the USA!

Cheapest Option: 💸

Tip: 🎨 Colorful and cost-effective for UK, versatile for USA!

Most Expensive Option: 💼

Tip: 💜💚❤️🤍 Choose any color in the UK, prioritize storage in the USA!

For Tech-Savvy and Heavy Users (More Storage): 🚀

Tip: 📊 More storage for power users in both regions!

The average cost of the iPhone 11 in the USA is approximately $256.87, while in the UK, it’s around £379.25. These averages provide a general idea of what you might expect to spend on an iPhone 11 in each region, taking into account the different models and their respective price ranges.​​

🔑 Your choice depends on your budget, storage needs, and style preference. From the affordable 64GB models to the more spacious 128GB ones, there’s an iPhone 11 for every type of user. Happy shopping! 🛍️

In 2023, the iPhone 11, first released in September 2019, continues to be a popular choice among smartphone users. Despite being a few years old, it competes well in terms of performance and features. One of its key advantages over newer models is its more affordable price.

This article provides the latest pricing information from various retailers in the US and UK, helping you make an informed decision if you’re considering the iPhone 11 as your next smartphone.

iPhone 11 Price 2023

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Price In The USA

iPhone 11 64GB (Unlocked)64GBUnlocked$219.99
iPhone 11 128GB (Unlocked)128GBUnlocked$264.99
iPhone 11 64GB (T-Mobile)64GBT-Mobile$219.99
iPhone 11 256GB (Unlocked)256GBUnlocked$299.99
iPhone 11 64GB (AT&T)64GBAT&T$219.99
iPhone 11 128GB (AT&T)128GBAT&T$264.99
iPhone 11 128GB (T-Mobile)128GBT-Mobile$264.99
iPhone 11 256GB (AT&T)256GBAT&T$299.99

Storage Capacity:

There are three storage options available: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Generally, the more storage, the higher the price. It’s important to consider how much space you’ll need for apps, photos, videos, and other data.

Storage Comparison:

  • 64GB: Basic option, suitable for those who use cloud storage or do not store much data on their phone.
  • 128GB: Mid-range option, a good balance for those who store a moderate amount of data.
  • 256GB: High capacity, best for those who store lots of media or use their phone for work-related tasks.

Carrier Options:

The iPhones are available either unlocked or tied to specific carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T).

Carrier Comparison:

  • Unlocked: Can be used with any carrier, offering flexibility if you change providers.
  • T-Mobile and AT&T: Limited to use with the specific carrier, potentially offering carrier-specific benefits or deals.

Pricing Analysis:

The prices vary based on storage capacity and carrier.

Price Overview:

Which is Best For You?

Price In The UK

ModelStorageColorPrice RangeSavings
Apple iPhone 1164GBWhite£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBRed£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBGreen£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBPurple£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBBlack£239 – £489£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBWhite£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBRed£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBPurple£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBGreen£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBBlack£250 – £539£410

Pricing and Savings

The prices vary based on storage capacity, and there are savings to be considered.

Price and Savings Overview:

Which is Best For You?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the 64GB models offer a good balance between price and storage. The range of colors allows for personalization without impacting the price, except for the Black model, which offers slightly higher savings.

For those needing more storage, the 128GB models are only marginally more expensive but offer significantly more space. The Black 128GB model stands out for its higher savings, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking more storage.

Should You Buy The iPhone 11 In 2023?

iPhone 11 worth it 2023Pin

iPhone 11 in 2023: Pros and Cons 📱


  1. Strong Performance:
    • A13 Bionic Chip: Still delivers fast and responsive user experience.
    • Insight: 💪 Robust performance for everyday tasks.
  2. Competent Camera System:
    • 12MP Primary and Ultra-Wide Cameras: Solid for casual photography and 4K video recording at 60fps.
    • Insight: 📸 Capture great moments with ease.
  3. Long-Term Software Support:
    • Runs iOS 17: Expected updates through 2025.
    • Insight: 🔄 Stay up-to-date with the latest features.
  4. Good Fit in Apple Ecosystem:


  1. Display Technology:
  2. Durability Concerns:
    • Lacks Ceramic Shield Glass: More susceptible to damage from falls.
    • Insight: 🛡️ Handle with extra care.
  3. Missing Latest Features:
    • No MagSafe and 5G: Falls behind in terms of connectivity and accessory compatibility.
    • Insight: 🔌 Limited in newer tech adaptations.
  4. Comparatively Outdated:
    • iPhone 13 as an Alternative: Offers OLED display, 5G, MagSafe, stronger glass, better cameras, and A15 Bionic processor.
    • Insight: 🆕 For a modern upgrade, consider iPhone 13.

Final Thoughts 💡

The iPhone 11 in 2023 still stands strong for its performance and camera capabilities, paired with reliable software support. However, it’s somewhat behind in display technology and durability compared to newer models.

If you’re looking for more advanced features like 5G and MagSafe, or simply want a more robust device, the iPhone 13 might be a better choice. It has a better camera, 5G, and OLED display, and it will get iOS updates for much longer than the iPhone 11.

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