Leaker Reveals iPhone 11R And Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ At The Same Time


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A leaker may have pulled off the ultimate double whammy by revealing the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and iPhone 11R at the same time.

The shot – posted by an unknown leaker – is of the Galaxy Note 10+, but the phone taking the image can be seen reflected in the Note 10+’s display. It appears to tally with leaked images of the upcoming Apple handset, right down to the position of the LED flash on the camera cluster. Furthermore, a sticker seems to be covering Apple’s famous logo.

As you might imagine, the internet has gone wild trying to find out exactly what this phone is, and no one seems to have found a convincing example of a current device which has this kind of design. It is suggested that the phone in question is the iPhone 11R, and not the iPhone 11 or 11 Max. All of these models are expected to launch in September, so it’s highly likely that units are ‘out there’ and given that most phones are made in the same location – China – it’s not unreasonable to assume this leaker has access to both Samsung and Apple’s devices.

Could the person involved be involved in the mobile industry, as that would neatly explain why they have access to both units – for evaluation purposes, perhaps? Or maybe they’re involved in the production of these devices.

Whatever the story behind this sensational leak, it’s clear that we won’t have to wait long before Apple and Samsung pull the trigger on these units. Both companies are fighting against consumer apathy within the smartphone sector right now, and both could arguably do with a shot in the arm. Predictably, Apple will most likely gobble up the most column inches with its new iPhone range, which is hinted to be the last to use the iconic ‘notch’ screen design.

The company is reportedly looking at ways of removing the notch and having an ‘all-screen’ device; the potential is there to use an under-screen camera, but that might mean losing Face ID – the security system Apple has spent the past few years getting its customers to embrace and adopt.

Still, the rumoured introduction of USB-C, 120Hz screens and 5G could soften the blow. Apple’s 2020 iPhones are tipped to be the most revolutionary since the introduction of the iconic iPhone X a couple of years ago.

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