Best Black Friday Samsung Galaxy A10 Deals

If you’re looking for a brilliant, cheap Android phone the Samsung Galaxy A10 ticks A LOT of boxes. And with these Black Friday deals, it’s now even better…

Samsung Galaxy A10 Black Friday Deals

Best Black Friday Samsung Galaxy A10 Deals

Samsung Galaxy A10 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy A10 measures in at 155.6 x 75.6 x 7.9 mm and it weighs 168g, making it a fairly lightweight mobile phone. It has a 6.2in IPS LCD display with a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels – that’s the same as Apple’s iPhone SE 2020.


Inside, you have Samsung’s 14nm Exynos 7884 CPU alongside either 2GB of RAM or 4GB of RAM. The Galaxy A10 comes with 32GB of storage as standard and it also supports microSD cards too, so you can expand the storage.

Powered by a 3400mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy A10 has more than enough juice to get you through a full day of usage – maybe more if you’re a light user. With cameras, the Galaxy A10 has a 13MP main sensor on the rear and a 5MP camera on the front for selfies and video calling.

This phone is not a flagship. But it is designed to be a solid performer. If all you do is browse the web, use WhatsApp, and watch YouTube videos and frequent social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, the Galaxy A10 will be more than enough for your needs.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy A10 was originally released on March 19, 2019. The phone launched with Android 9 and has been subsequently updated to Android 10, the current latest version of Google’s Android software.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Price

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is aggressively priced and designed to do battle with the slew of cheap Android phones coming over from China – phones made by brands like RealMe, OPPO, and Xiaomi.


Priced at £180 SIM-free, the Samsung Galaxy A10 can be picked-up on contract for as little as £23 a month (see table at the top) – though this deal comes with limited data. Ideally, you’ll want a minimum of 4GB of data per month. And for that, you’ll pay £26 per month with no upfront cost.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Storage Options

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is available in just one storage option: 32GB. It does, however, feature a microSD slot, so you can expand its storage using microSD cards up to 1TB.

You can store media, films, TV shows, pictures, and videos on your SD card. Even files like Office documents and PDFS. And because they’re on the SD card, they don’t take up any room on your phone’s internal storage.

Wrapping Up: Is The Samsung Galaxy A10 Worth It?

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is one of Samsung’s best selling phones, and the reason for this is the price – this phone is very cheap. But unlike most cheap phones under £200, the Galaxy A10 is a very capable smartphone.

It has a decent processor, a decent camera, and it has excellent battery life too. If you’re a casual user that just wants a phone for calls, messaging, social media, apps, and some web browsing, the Galaxy A10 is a great option.

It also looks bloody lovely too, which is always a nice side bonus.

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