Android 15 Compatibility: Will Your Phone Get The Update? 

Google and Samsung now deliver 7 years’ worth of Android updates on their latest phones. But what about older Android phones? Will they get Android 15

Fragmentation is still a thing in the Android phone market. Brands like OnePlus, Samsung, Google, and Fairphone now all deliver between five to seven years’ worth of Android updates. But they’re the exceptions, sadly. 

Most Android phone companies will do 2-3 major Android updates, sometimes less. Xiaomi, for instance, does four years of support for its big releases but much, much less for its plethora of cheaper phones. 

Ditto Nokia, ASUS, and Nothing. This means that, while a new Android update, Android 15, is now in process, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your current phone will get it – and that applies doubly if you’re running an older model. 

Phones That Will Definitely Get Android 15

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If you’re running any of the following phones, you will 100% get Android 15:

  • Google Pixel: All Pixel phones from Pixel 6 and later should get Android 15, considering Google prioritizes its own devices.
  • Samsung Galaxy: The recent collaboration between Google and Samsung suggests high compatibility for their flagship models, likely including the Galaxy S24 series, S23 series, and potentially the S22 line.
  • OnePlus: Recent OnePlus flagships like the OnePlus 12 and 11, and possibly even the Open, have a good chance of receiving the update based on their past update policies.
  • Other Flagships: Flagship phones released in 2023 and 2024 from major brands like Xiaomi, Motorola, Asus, and Sony (Xperia 1 V, 5 V) also have a strong possibility of getting Android 15.

Phones That Might Get Android 15 

  • 2022 Flagships: These might still get the update, but timing and features could be limited depending on the manufacturer’s policy.
  • Mid-range devices (2023-2022): Compatibility becomes less certain, with some manufacturers offering updates and others prioritizing newer models.

Phones That Probably Won’t Get Android 15 

  • Devices older than 2022: Hardware limitations and outdated software versions make compatibility highly unlikely.
  • Cheaper Android Phones: if you’re running a cheaper Android phone from a brand like POCO or VIVO or RealMe, you might not get Android 15. Why? Support for new updates with these brands is patchy at best.

Things To Keep In Mind

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Not all phones will get Android 15. But thanks to the raft of improvements Google is bringing to the new platform, getting it up and running on slightly older hardware should be easier than ever. 

We’ve already covered off all of Android 15’s performance improvements, so we won’t go over it again here. But the key takeaway is simple: Google is striving to make Android 15 less CPU/GPU-intensive and more power efficient, and that’s great news for lower-spec, lower cost phones. And older phones too. 

But it all comes down to whether or not certain brands decide to push the update out to their legacy phones. And with brands like Sony, ASUS, and Xiaomi, that’s ALWAYS a big “IF”. 

If your phone is two or more years in age, there’s a good change it will not get Android 15. This is the main reason why we recommend users always go with phones from brands like Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and Fairphone – they have the best track records when it comes to updates. 

Smaller brands like ASUS, Nokia, Sony, and VIVO aren’t as good and, worse still, are unpredictable when it comes to support. 

Basically, for the best overall support when it comes to Android updates, you’ll want to stick to the following brands:

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