The 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max is Cheaper Than You Think…

Apple’s 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most expensive iPhone you can buy. But if you go with the right plan, the phone itself isn’t THAT expensive…

The iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage is not a cheap phone. It is a very, very expensive phone. To buy the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max outright – either from Apple or a carrier – you’re looking at $1499 for the phone itself. And then you’ll need to find a data plan on top of that.

That’s a pretty big chunk of change, right? It is, there’s no way around this. But I’d argue that, comparatively, the price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB) isn’t actually all that bad; it is definitely cheaper than I predicted it’d be ahead of the iPhone 13’s launch.

How Much Does The 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max Cost?

And it is also cheaper than Samsung’s foldable phones. The Galaxy Z Fold 3, for instance, is around $400 more expensive. And it is no way near as powerful as Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. Nor does it come with 1TB of storage or as good a camera module.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max wipes the floor with the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 – in every measurable department. And it is a cheaper phone to buy, especially if you get it on a pay monthly plan via a carrier. If you go this route, you can pick up the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max from $74 per month to $102 per month, depending on the carrier.

To get a better idea about how much it’ll cost to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage, check out the table below – it pulls in all the latest deals from all of the biggest carriers in the USA.

And unlike most other “deals widgets”, this one is manually curated by actual humans – not an AI or an algorithm.

Best 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max Deals

  1. Apple's iPhone 13 Mini
  2. Apple's iPhone 13 MiniPin

    If you miss the days of small iPhones, the iPhone 13 Mini will be right up your street. With its extremely pocketable dimensions, the iPhone 13 Mini packs in all the same specs and features as the iPhone 13, just in a much smaller chassis. 


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  3. Apple's iPhone 13 Pro
  4. Apple's iPhone 13 ProPin

    If you want more performance and improved imaging, the iPhone 13 Pro is what you should be looking at. Featuring the most advanced camera system on the market, Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is the perfect phone for users that demand the absolute best from their phones. 

    • Solid Build, Easy To Use
    • Great Battery Life
    • OLED Screen
    • Very Impressive Camera
    • Smaller Than Pro Max
    • Now More Affordable

    We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

  5. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  6. Apple iPhone 13 Pro MaxPin

    It has the best camera, the best battery, one of the best screens ever put in a production phone, and it has the fastest chip on the market. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is by far and away the best phone you can buy now. Yes, it is expensive. But keep in mind that you’ll be able to comfortably run this phone for at least the next six to seven years without issue. 

    • Amazing Camera
    • ProMotion 120Hz Display
    • Excellent Battery Life
    • LiDAR Sensor
    • Beautiful Design
    • Fast 5G Support

As you can see from the table above, you have plenty of options when it comes to picking up the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max on a pay monthly deal. There are solid offers from Ting, Xfinity Mobile, US Cellular, and T-Mobile to name just a few, with prices ranging from $74 to $102 per month.

The iPhone 13, if you want a cheaper option, is now available for around 60% less per month, so it is definitely worth checking out all the latest iPhone 13 deals if you don’t want to spend this much money on a phone.

All of the plans listed above are unlimited, so you get unlimited data, unlimited texts, and unlimited calls. The plans also include the price of the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max too, so what you see above is the final price you will pay for the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max per month during your agreement.

1TB iPhone 13 Pro MaxPin
iPhone 13 Pro Max

What’s the best deal? They’re all pretty decent with respect to price. But all of the plans do cap data speeds after a certain amount of data has been consumed. The cheapest plans tend to start throttling speeds after 20GB, but T-Mobile’s offer will give you maximum speeds up to 50GB per month – and 50GB per month is A LOT of data.

To put that figure into context, I’m a fairly heavy data user. But I seldom use more than 15GB a month. And that’s pushing it. With up to 20GB of maximum data speeds on the vast majority of plans available, you shouldn’t run into any issues with data throttling.

I agree, slowing down download speeds sucks, especially if you’re calling it “unlimited”. But you have to put what’s happening here into the right context: using 20GB of data a month is not easy. In fact, unless you’re watching tens of hours of Netflix a day on your phone, you won’t come anywhere close.

The vast majority of people reading this, meaning literally 99.8% of you, will never experience any slowed download speeds. And the reason? Simple: you won’t ever get close to using 20GB of data per month. And if you’re worried that you will use more than 20GB of data per month, just go with T-Mobile’s offer – it offers up to 50GB of unrestricted download speeds per month.

Which iPhone Has 1TB of Storage?

If you want 1TB of storage on your iPhone, right now you’re limited to just the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, as well as all of the iPhones that preceded them, top out at 512GB of internal storage.

Apple introduced the new 1TB storage option in 2021 for its Pro model iPhone 13 handsets. The move to bring 1TB to iPhone was done because more and more photographers and videographers are using iPhone to shoot their work. With 1TB of storage, you can shoot and edit hours and hours of 4K video on your iPhone.

If you run a YouTube channel or shoot a lot of videos, having 1TB of storage on your next iPhone makes a lot of sense. You will be able to shoot hours and hours of 4K footage and it’ll barely scratch the surface. This means you can edit quickly on iPhone without having to worry about running out of storage.

Again, the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro isn’t designed for mass usage. Apple knows this is a niche phone aimed at a niche group of users. But if you make and create content for YouTube or any other streaming platform, an iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage will be quickly become an indispensable tool.

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