Want A Pink iPhone 13? You Can’t Get iPhone 13 Pro Max Then…

Apple has brought back pink for its iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, but if you want a pink iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone Pro Max, you’re bang outta luck…

Apple’s iPhone 13 is now official and it brings with it a slew of changes, although those hoping for radical updates and a reinvention of what came before will be disappointed. Like the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 13 is an incremental update over the iPhone 12.

Apple has tweaked the cameras, improved the battery life on all models, and speeded up both the phones’ performance and 5G speeds. If you’re running an iPhone 11, it is definitely worth updating. If you’re using an iPhone 12, you’ll probably want to hold off for the iPhone 14 in 2022.

You Can Now Buy A Pink iPhone 13 Though

Ever since the iPhone 6s, Apple users the globe over have loved Apple’s pink-colored iPhones. Since then, we’ve had the iPhone XR – although that one was classed as Coral – and, of course, the forgettable iPhone 5c. Basically, a pink iPhone is kind of rare.

Want A Pink iPhone 13? You Can't Get iPhone 13 Pro Max Then...Pin
The Pink iPhone 13

There was also plenty of online chatter about a pink iPhone 13 prior to launch. Apple likely didn’t listen to any of this, it seldom does, but when the iPhone 13 was officially launched, Apple confirmed that it would be available in pink, alongside the other iPhone 13 colors: blue, midnight, starlight, and Product Red.

But there is one issue for anyone that wants a pink iPhone 13. You’re limited to the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ARE NOT available in pink; instead, Apple retails its Pro models in the following colors: graphite, gold, silver, and Sierra Blue.

iPhone 13 Pro Colors

When Apple introduced the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, it added some new colors, with the latest being Alpine Green – that color was launched during Apple’s March 2022 event, where it unveiled the new Mac Studio desktop computer.

With the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, you have several colors to choose from, as you can see below:

iPhone 13 Pro Max Colors

  • Alpine Green (New Color)
  • Sierra Blue
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Graphite

The iPhone 13 is available in more color options. You can get a full rundown of all the hues currently available inside our iPhone 13 Color Guide – it covers all the color options currently available as well as images of what they look like in action.

Why no pink iPhone 13 Pro? I honestly have no idea. Apple usually runs two color schemes for its standard and Pro model iPhones. It has done this for years now, so it is no surprise that the Pro models are available in different colors from the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

Usually the standard – cheaper models – are more colorful because they’re, well, cheaper and not used by people that Apple views as “pros” – the 13 and the 13 mini are the “peoples’ phone” while the Pro and Pro Max are designed for more discerning, professional types.

Thinking about picking up an iPhone 13? Can’t decide between the Pro, Pro Max, or the iPhone 13? Here’s a quick breakdown of how they’re different and all the changes Apple brought to the iPhone 13 line-up.

iPhone 13 Updates List

  • iPhone 13 gets trickle-down updates from iPhone 12 Pro; it now runs the same 12-megapixel lens with an f/1.6 aperture as 2020’s iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 13’s new ultrawide camera also has a faster f/2.4 lens and 120-degree field of view, as well as sensor-shift stabilization technology.
  • All iPhone 13 models feature Cinematic Mode; this technology will automatically transition focus in real-time which will make all the phones in the range better for shooting video. Apple used a parody of Knives Out to demonstrate how Cinematic Mode works.
  • The iPhone 13 range features a smaller notch. The notch on the iPhone 13 is 20% smaller than it was before.
  • iPhone 13 has better 5G performance than the iPhone 12. The iPhone 13’s connection to 5G networks is faster, according to Apple, and it will support more than 200 carriers in over 60 countries by the end of 2021.
  • The iPhone 13 features Apple’s new A15 CPU. Apple says the new A15 chipset, while still a 5nm SoC, is 50% faster than its nearest competitor (the Snapdragon 888), although these claims have not been tested yet.
  • The A15 chipset features two new high-performance cores and four new high-efficiency cores.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Pro Max Updates List

  • All of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro models feature new 120Hz Super Retina XDR screens with improved brightness (up to 1000nits).
  • The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are available in the following colors: graphite, gold, silver, and a new light blue.
  • All three cameras have been updated inside the iPhone 13 Pro lineup; you have better low light performance, thanks to larger sensors, a wider aperture for the ultra-wide lens, and 3x zoom for the telephoto lens. Night Mode is now supported on all three lenses too.
  • The 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max now feature a new macro lens that’ll let you shoot objects from just 2cm away. All of Apple’s Pro models now feature sensor-shift optical image stabilization.
  • The Pro models also get Cinematic mode but will also benefit from Apple’s new ProRes technology. You can film in 4K up to 30fps with the iPhone 13 Pro models and, with ProRes, a higher quality video format, you can then edit in more detail after footage has been filmed.
  • All iPhone 13 Pro models get an extra tier of storage, 1TB – this is likely down to its use of ProRes.
  • Apple has improved the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro’s battery life; the iPhone 13 Pro will last 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max will last 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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