Which iPhones Have MagSafe? A Complete Guide…

If you’re thinking about getting an iPhone and you want MagSafe, here’s a quick guide on which iPhones have MagSafe and which don’t…

Apple’s MagSafe technology is relatively new, in that it is currently only available on the iPhone 12 range of iPhones – the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup of phones supports MagSafe as well.

The iPhone 11 DOES NOT support MagSafe, and neither do any iPhones released before it.

This means, if you want MagSafe on your next iPhone, you are currently limited to the iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series. Right now, these are the ONLY iPhones that currently have MagSafe.

The iPhone 11 will work with some MagSafe accessories, just not all. It does have a wireless charging ring in it like the iPhone 12 but it is not magnetized.

This means that if you want an iPhone with MagSafe, you’ll have to get either the iPhone 12 – any model – or Apple’s new iPhone 13 when that launches during the latter part of 2021.

What is MagSafe?

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MagSafe started life aboard Apple’s MacBooks, it was a breakaway charging port. Apple reinvented the technology for its iPhone 12 release, however, by building circular, magnetic coils into each of its iPhone 12 models.

This coil can then latch onto accessories like Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack to give you round-the-clock battery life. The upshot of this, if you consider having a block attached to your iPhone a good thing, is that you do not need a battery case.

You can also use MagSafe for wireless charging docks too – they snap right to the back of the iPhone. Ditto cases and a range of additional accessories for iPhone.

How Fast is MagSafe?

In terms of overall speed for charging, MagSafe isn’t exactly fast, however – it’ll top out at 15W which is incredibly slow compared to some Android phones which can charge at speeds of up to 65W.

In addition, charging your iPhone with a cable is still around twice as fast as using MagSafe.

And you’ll need to cough up for Apple’s $19 power adapter to max out MagSafe’s 15W charging speeds.

The iPhone 12 was MagSafe’s first proper rodeo, however, so its speeds could (and probably will) improve with each new iteration of the iPhone, meaning the iPhone 13 might support 20W or 30W MagSafe charging.

I say, might, because nothing is officially known about Apple’s iPhone 13 just yet – other than all these juicy rumors. Also, check out What Is Oppo’s MagVOOC? Also, be sure to check out How To Get Your iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack To Charge Past 90%! And check out Does The iPad Have MagSafe? And check out Does Apple’s Leather Wallet Have MagSafe & Find My Support?

here’s How To Update MagSafe Charger Firmware.

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