13 Essential iPhone X Gestures You 100% Need To Know

By Daniel Segun •  Updated: 04/26/20 •  5 min read

In this post, we shall be discussing the iPhone X gestures, what they are, the basic gestures, and how you can make use of them. 

Apple introduced the iPhone X on the 3rd of November, 2017. It was Apple’s ONLY flagship device for the year and it retailed for $1000. It also had one MAJOR difference to all other iPhones that came before it – the absence of the usual iPhone central home button.

With this change, it was clear that the new iPhone was going to be operated differently. In the same vein, the phone came with new gestures that Apple described as “intuitive.” These new gestures ushered in new patterns of operating the iPhone though the old gestures were still present.

What Are iPhone Gestures?

A gesture means moving parts of the body (mostly the hands) to make an expression or emphasize something. Likewise, iPhone gestures are used for communication between the user and the iPhone OS. The basic iPhone gestures include tap, double-tap, flick, drag, swipe, pinch, rotate, and shake. They can also be combined.

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The iPhone intuitive gestures are new gestures for navigating through the iPhone X and newer iPhone versions. You can use these gestures for many tasks on your iPhone, such as changing settings, accessing apps, multitasking, etc. Besides, these intuitive gestures were introduced later on iOS 13.

The Basic iPhone Gestures

Listed below are the basic iPhone gestures you should know:

Essential iPhone X Gestures And How To Use Them

Listed below are essential iPhone X gestures, their functions, and how to use them.


The iPhone X was the first iPhone to use these kinds of gestures. With the exception of the iPhone SE (2020) and the rumored iPhone SE Plus, all future iPhone releases will feature this kind of gesture-based UX – and that includes the iPhone 12 range and beyond.

If you do want an iPhone with a home button, you do have the option of the iPhone SE (2020). Going with the iPhone SE (2020) will also save you A LOT of money, as well as netting your plenty of performance (the iPhone SE 2020 runs the same chipset as the iPhone 11 Pro Max).

And you can grab one for just $399.99 in the USA and £419.99 in the UK.

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