The iPhone X has an OK battery life, but in this post we’ll show you how to improve the iPhone X’s battery life, using a few simple tips and tricks…

1) iPhone X Battery Life: Disable Raise To Wake

This feature is on by default and it allows your screen to turn on when the iPhone X detects it’s being picked up. It’s useful, but it also means you are using valuable battery power each time you pick up your iPhone. To disable Raise to Wake got to Settings > Raise to Wake and toggle the switch to OFF.

2) iPhone X Battery Life: Turn on Auto-Brightness

Related to the first tip: Increased screen brightness takes up a lot of battery power. This is because the extra light required to illuminate your screen requires a lot of energy, draining your battery faster. Screens generally require less light in darkness and more light when it’s bright outside. To have your iPhone X adjust to external brightness levels automatically go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations and toggle the Auto-Brightness switch to ON (green).

3) iPhone X Battery Life: Disable Motion Effects And Dynamic 

The parallax effect is the name given to the slightly moving icons and notifications in iOS when you move your iPhone X. Apple created the parallax effect to give the flat icons some depth. However, as with any process that requires movement, the graphic capabilities needed to do this eats up battery life. To disable this effect go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > and toggle the switch to ON (green).

Another motion feature in iOS is the dynamic backgrounds. These are the wallpapers that have subtle movement in them. They look cool, but that movement is eating into your precious battery life. It’s best to use a still image for your wallpaper. To get rid of the dynamic images go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper and select a wallpaper from the “Stills” selection.

4) iPhone X Battery Life: Prevent Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a feature in iOS that enable apps to learn when you frequently check them. This allows the apps to predict when you will next check them and sees them pining their servers right before you do so they can pull the latest data and have it ready and waiting for you when you open the app. It’s a really handy feature except in that it leads to battery drain since these apps are running in the background. To disable Background App Refresh on your iPhone X go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Background App Refresh and select “Off” or just toggle individual apps ON or OFF on the previous screen.

5) iPhone X Battery Life: Turn Off App And System Location Services

Location Services allows apps and system services to know where you are based on your GPS or Wi-Fi triangulation. This is handy for a number of things, but it drains battery power. Also, some apps request your Location Information yet it does you little good (these apps use it for targeted ads, for example). To save battery go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > and toggle the switch to OFF (white) to turn off all Location Services (not recommended) or set individual apps to “While Using” or “Never”. Then scroll down until you see System Services. Tap that and toggle the switches to OFF (white) to disable individual system Location Services.

6) iPhone X Battery Life: Enable Low Power Mode

This is the #1 way you can help save your iPhone X’s battery. The setting has been around for a few iOS generations, but that doesn’t make it any less helpful. Low Power Mode suspends things like background app refresh, auto downloads, mail fetching and more automatically when your iPhone X battery hits the 20% mark. To turn it on go to Settings > Battery.

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