Samsung Galaxy F Pictures LEAK: First Look @ Foldable OLED Via Nifty Renders


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Samsung’s folding and flexible OLED smartphone has been depicted in a series of 3D concept renders.

You might have already heard of Samsung’s much-rumored folding and flexible OLED phone – we’d rather hoped the acronym FFOLED might’ve taken off to make it more convenient to write about, but alas, no such luck.

Anyway, that phone has been rumored as the Samsung Galaxy X for at least several years now, but has recently been re-dubbed the Galaxy F.

The reason? Allegedly it’s because the Samsung Galaxy X name has been given to an as-yet-unreleased Samsung gaming smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy F Concept Renders Showcased

Dutch website NieuweMobiel has teamed up with 3D concept artist Jonas Dähnert to conjure up these rendered images which imagine what a folding and flexible OLED Samsung Galaxy F might look like.


You can see the loose inspiration from Samsung’s current design language on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, and it appears the two “ends” of the Galaxy F are made from metal and glass held together by a flexible ridged centre piece, likely made from composite plastics or similar.


The renders were also based on patent filings that Samsung has accumulated over the years.


Naturally, there’s a high probability the finished product won’t look exactly like this, and one or two features are likely incorrect. For example, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner will likely have been replaced by an in-display unit by the time the Galaxy F is ready.



In an interesting twist, while the phone folds out flat in phone mode, when folded up it does not, with a pronounced bend leaving a portion of the lower display visible with on-screen controls. This would work well as a music player mode, but does detract somewhat from the “compact” pocket-friendly concept behind a folding smartphone.

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