Touchscreen smartphones are standard nowadays. However, there are still some people who prefer the QWERTY smartphones of old. If that’s you, you need to check out the Titan Pocket.

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, many in the “feature phone” market at the time laughed at him. Why? Because the iPhone eschewed the standard physical QWERTY keyboard most feature phones had in favor of a virtual touch screen keyboard. The reason for the laughter? Common thinking was that people liked the physical experience of touching actual keys–they would shun touchscreen keyboards in droves.

Of course, that laughter didn’t last for long. The iPhone decimated the feature phone market–in part thanks to its revolutionary touchscreen keyboard. And Android phones soon followed suit. Today, the benefits of touchscreen keyboards are numerous–including the ability to use custom keyboards of your choice.

That being said, there’s still a small market for phones that have physical QWERTY keyboards. While most of us don’t see the point in these anymore, others still swear by them. And if you’re one of those, then you’ll want to check out the new Titan Pocket smartphone, which just hit over a staggering 1,000% of its Kickstarter goal.

What Is The Titan Pocket?

At its most basic, the Titan Pocket is is a new Android smartphone that has a physical QWERTY keyboard instead of a software-based keyboard. The Titan Pocket’s screen is still touchscreen, but it just lacks the software keyboard.

The Titan Pocket is made by the Hong Kong-based Unihertz, which has been making unique Android smartphones since 2017. But instead of manufacturing the phones first and then selling them through retail outlets, Unihertz launches Kickstarter campaigns to raise funds for manufacturing and then sends the backers the phones. To date, Unihertz has successfully launched five Android smartphones this way–and the Titan Pocket will be their sixth.

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By the way, it’s called the “Titan Pocket” because it’s the next generation of the company’s previous Titan smartphone, which had a physical QWERTY keyboard too. The Titan Pocket is a more compact version of the Titan:

‘Unihertz hears the voice of the keyboard fans. The company has previously developed Titan, the ultimate rugged QWERTY smartphone that also runs with Android OS, and won the support of over 3,000 backers on Kickstarter. Today, it is back with the new model, Titan Pocket, which is 30% smaller and lighter than the Titan and boasts Android 11 OS, 3.1 inch screen, and 4000mAh battery. From the size and features, we can expect it to be easy to carry around, while remaining as the ideal smartphone for people who want to “get things done”.’

What Are The Titan Pocket’s Main Features?

Titan Pocket: What To Know About Smallest QWERTY Android 11 SmartphonePin

The Titan Pocket appears to be a full-featured and robust smartphone. Besides the physical keyboard, here are some of its other main features:

  • Size: the Titan Pocket is 31% smaller than the Titan. It measures 132.5mm x 73.2mm x 16.8mm.
  • Weight: 216 grams
  • Display: 3.1in square touchscreen with a 716×720 resolution.
  • Build: aluminum alloy body
  • Battery: 4000mAh battery, which the company says can last for “days” on a single charge.
  • Keyboard scrolling: the Titan Pocket’s physical keyboard allows you to use it as a touchpad and scroll up or down and left or right.
  • Infrared port: one unique feature of the Titan Pocket is the infrared port, which can be used to control devices like televisions and air conditioners.
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Cellular: global LTE with dual SIM support
  • Storage: Micro SIM
  • Cameras: the Titan Pocket has a front 8MP camera and a rear 16MP camera
  • Biometrics: fingerprint reader
  • Other tech: Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, USB-C

How Can I Get A Titan Pocket?

Titan Pocket: What To Know About Smallest QWERTY Android 11 SmartphonePin

If the Titan Pocket sounds like it’s your kind of smartphone, you can still back the Kickstarter project, which has already been funded, and get a Titan Pocket when the device ships later this year. 

One Titan Pocket via the Kickstarter campaign will cost you HK$ 1,710 – about $219 USD. Or you can pick up two titan Pockets for about $399 USD.

The Titan Pocket is scheduled to ship to backers in September 2021.