Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy S24 seriSamsung Galaxy S24 Gets 7-Year Android Update Supportes phones will get a market-leading 7 years’ worth of Android updates, taking the phone up to Android 21

TL:DR: Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Launch 📱

Samsung has just upped the ante with Android support for its Galaxy S24 series. All models will get 7 years’ worth of Android OS updates, equaling Google’s new standard for its Pixel 8 series phones.

Galaxy S24 OS Updates:

  • 🌟 Galaxy S24, S24+, S24 Ultra: New flagships with Galaxy AI 🧠
  • 📆 7 Years of Updates: OS & security updates for 7 years, up to Android 21 🔄

🔍 Competitors’ Update Policies

  • 🟢 Google Pixel 8 & 8 Pro: Also 7 years of software/OS updates 🛠️
  • 🔴 OnePlus 11 Series: 5 years of support 🕒
  • 🏆 Samsung & Google Leads: Best update duration in the Android market ⏳👑

How long does Samsung support its Galaxy phones? The usual answer is three years. But with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, all of that has changed.

Samsung is now the best of the best in the Android space, surpassing both Google and OnePlus, with 7 years of Android updates for its Galaxy S24 phones.

This move, which is more or less unprecedented in the Android market, will be a huge USP for not only Samsung’s overall brand perception but also users – Samsung phones will now get the same level of support as iPhones.

Anything Google Does, Samsung Matches

S24, S24+ Or ULTRA?Pin

Part of the pull of Apple’s iPhone is its consistent and reliable updates. If you use an iPhone, you know that you will A) get iOS updates for years and years and years, and B) said update will be available to you as soon as it lands.

Sure, Apple does have an end-of-life moment for all of its iPhones. But this is usually a solid eight to nine years after their initial release.

With Android, this hasn’t been the case. At all, really – most phones only get one or two updates, and then they’re left out to pasture.

Google confirmed that its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones would get 7 years of software and OS updates. And OnePlus’ support for its OnePlus 11 and following phones was bumped to five years. But 7 years is currently the best you can get with an Android phone.

Never one to miss a beat, Samsung did the same thing with its Galaxy S24 series, confirming 7 years’ worth of OS updates and security patches. It also added a boatload of novel AI features too, once again closing the gap between its phones and Google’s machine-learning-smart Pixel phones.

Android Update Support Comparison (By Phone Brand)

ManufacturerFlagshipMid-rangeSecurity Updates
Google Pixel7 years (OS & Security)3 years (OS) & 5 years (Security)Pixel 8/8 Pro: 7 years, Pixel 7/6/6a/Fold: 5 years, Pixel 5a-3a: 3 years
Samsung4 years (OS) & 5 years (Security); 7 Years (OS) & 7 Years (Security) on S24 Models3 years (OS) & 4 years (Security) for someGalaxy S24 and newer: 7 years, S23-S21: 4 years (OS) & 5 years (Security), Others: Varies
OnePlus4 years (OS) & 5 years (Security)2 years (OS) & 3 years (Security)OnePlus 11 and newer: 5 years (Security), Older models: Varies
OPPO4 years (OS) & 5 years (Security)2 years (OS) & 3 years (Security) for someFind N2 Flip: 4 years (OS), Reno series: 2 years (OS), Others: Varies
Xiaomi3 years (OS) & 4 years (Security) for some modelsVariesMi 13 Pro: 4 years (Security), Others: Varies
Motorola3 years (OS) & 4 years (Security) for top models2 years (OS) & 3 years (Security) for mostEdge Plus (2023): 4 years (Security), Edge 30 series: 3 years (Security), Others: Varies
ASUS2 years (OS) & 3 years (Security)1 year (OS) & 2 years (Security)ZenFone 9: 2 years (Security), Others: Varies
Nokia2 years (OS) & 3 years (Security)1 year (OS) & 2 years (Security)X series: 3 years (Security), Others: Varies

Analysis: Which Brand is Best For Android Updates?

Here’s an analysis of the data from the table to help readers understand which Android phone manufacturers offer the best and worst Android updates:

  • Google Pixel: Google’s Pixel phones are the top performers when it comes to Android updates. They provide the longest support with 7 years of OS and security updates for their flagship devices.
  • Samsung: Samsung offers a mix of update durations. Their flagship Galaxy S24 and newer models receive 7 years of support, while older models like S23-S21 get 4 years of OS and 5 years of security updates. The update support for some other Samsung devices varies.
  • OnePlus: OnePlus provides solid support for security updates, with 5 years for their newer models. However, their mid-range devices receive only 2 years of OS updates, which might not be ideal for some users.
  • OPPO: OPPO offers 4 years of OS and 5 years of security updates for some devices like the Find N2 Flip. However, their Reno series receives only 2 years of OS updates, which is relatively limited.
  • Xiaomi: Xiaomi’s update support varies widely across their devices. While the Mi 13 Pro receives 4 years of security updates, many other models have varying update durations, making it important to check for individual device support.
  • Motorola: Motorola provides 4 years of security updates for their top models like the Edge Plus (2023), which is competitive. However, most of their devices receive 3 years of security updates, with the OS update duration varying.
  • ASUS: ASUS offers limited update support, with 2 years of security updates for the ZenFone 9 and relatively shorter support for other models, especially in terms of OS updates.
  • Nokia: Nokia offers 3 years of security updates for their X series, which is decent. However, their OS update support is limited to 2 years for most devices, with only a few exceptions.

Google’s Pixel 8 phones and Samsung’s new S24 series provide the longest and most consistent update support, making them a top choice for users who prioritize timely and long-lasting Android updates. OnePlus also offers competitive update durations, but users should be aware of the variation in support across different models.

OPPO, Xiaomi, Motorola, ASUS, and Nokia have varying levels of support which is a polite way of saying the support for models is confusing, done on a per-model basis, and is generally pretty inconsistent.

For optimal support for the longest time, you’re going to be best going with either a Pixel 8 series phone or a Samsung Galaxy S24 series phone.

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