Samsung’s incoming Galaxy Note 20 will pack in a monstrous battery and a huge amount of RAM…

Samsung’s Galaxy Note releases are always interesting, picking up where the previous Galaxy S release left and adding in a few more bells and whistles. The Galaxy Note 20 will no exception to this rule.

According to leaked information, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus will feature 20GB of RAM and a massive 5000mAh battery. This will be the top of the range model, however, and will likely cost an arm and leg.

The entry-level Galaxy Note 20 (meaning the non-Plus version) is expected to ship with 12GB of RAM and a 4000mAh battery. That’s still massively impressive from a specs-perspective and you can expect it to also come with a fairly hefty price tag too – no doubt over $999.99.

Latest Galaxy Note 20 Leaks

This latest batch of Galaxy Note 20 leaks comes via Ross Young, the CEO of Display Chain Consultants. In a recent Q&A on YouTube, Young dropped a ton of information about the incoming Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus.

Here’s the Spark Notes version:

  • Hole-Punch Camera is Staying Put – A lot of people expected Samsung to do away with the hole-punch camera on the Note 20 range. But this isn’t happening. According to Young, the Galaxy Note 20 will feature the exact same set-up as the Note 10 with respect to its replacement and appearance. The technology inside, however, will be updated.
  • Galaxy Note 20 Display Sizes – The Galaxy Note 20 will have a 6.4in OLED display, while the more premium Galaxy Note 20 Plus will ship with a 6.8in OLED panel. Both panels will use the same technology, including HDR10 and 120Hz refresh rates, but the Plus’ will be larger.
  • New Fingerprint Sensing Tech – Both the Note 20 and Note 20 Plus are said to feature Qualcomm’s second-generation 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader. The Big Q’s first iteration of this technology wasn’t great but the new platform’s sensor is 17 times larger than its predecessor, so it should function a lot better across the board. It’ll also be able to read two fingerprints at the same time.
  • “August” Release Date – Both the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus will get an official launch and August and a release date shortly thereafter; Young expects both handsets to be readily available on market by early September across a range of networks and carriers.

That’s it for now. For a more detailed breakdown about what to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 – check out our Galaxy Note 20 rumors compendium; it covers everything currently known about the phones.

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