Here’s a list (that’ll be updated) of all the confirmed Snapdragon 888 phones that will launch between now and 2021…

The Snapdragon 888 chipset is now official and it brings with it plenty of performance updates. Building on the momentum established by the Snapdragon 865, the SD888 brings core performance updates, improved AI capabilities, and improved support for even more advanced cameras.

You also have a new GPU, improved 5G connectivity, and a bunch of other stuff to get excited about too. Essentially, the Snapdragon 888 is around 20% to 30% faster than the Snapdragon 865 in every key metric – from CPU and GPU speeds to overall efficiency and power consumption.

Qualcomm’s history of breakthrough technology inventions has paved the way for our continued leadership in the premium-tier mobile segment, said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president and general manager of mobile, compute and infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The new flagship Snapdragon 888 Mobile Platform will enable OEMs to further differentiate their devices and allows users to experience the latest cutting-edge mobile technologies 

And in 2021, the Snapdragon 888 will the most used CPU inside flagship Android phones. But what Android phones are confirmed as running the Snapdragon 888? Below is everything we currently know, based on the latest information – we’ll update the table as new information becomes available.

Android Phones Confirmed To Run Snapdragon 888

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Will Samsung’s 2021 Releases Run Snapdragon 888? 

There will be plenty more phones confirmed between now and the start of 2021, including key releases from Nokia and Samsung. On the subject of Samsung, there is talk of Samsung nixing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset in favor of its own, custom Exynos silicon.

Samsung is, of course, responsible for the Snapdragon 888 production; the chipset is built using Samsung’s new 5nm fabrication process. Samsung has big plans for its Exynos platform in 2021, including the switch over to 5nm from 7nm. Add in advancements to 5G connectivity and GPU performance, and Samsung’s flagship Exynos platform could be very compelling.

Also worth noting is that Samsung might be getting rid of its Galaxy Note brand in 2021. According to reports, the Galaxy Note 21 will not get a release in 2021. But Samsung’s S-Pen will live on inside the Galaxy S21 and Samsung’s foldable devices. This isn’t confirmed just yet, but plenty of sources are now reporting that this is a done deal.