Samsung’s about to shake things up with its Galaxy S24 series. Here’s 6 reasons why even the most hardened iPhone fanboys might be tempted by it… 

TL;DR: iPhone User? Samsung’s About To Give You FOMO…

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is almost upon us and even its base model is likely to induce serious FOMO in long-standing iPhone users. Here’s why:

  • Next-gen OLED Panel 📱
    • Samsung’s new M12 OLED display: Thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient with better brightness and viewing angles. 🌟✨
  • Camera Capabilities 📸
    • 200MP Sensor: S24 Ultra might feature a 200MP main sensor for ultra-detailed photos and videos. 🤯🔍
    • AI-Powered Photo Editing: ‘Air Technology’ allows creative repositioning of subjects in photos. 🎨🔄
  • Software and AI Enhancements 💻
    • Circle Search: Instantly find info on any text or image on your screen. 🔍📖
    • Voice Recording Summarization & Translation: Convert recordings to summaries or text – great for lectures/meetings. 🎙️📝
    • Smarter Browsing: AI features in Samsung’s browser for summarization, text highlighting, and read-aloud options. 🌐🗣️
  • Other Potential Goodies 🎁
    • Faster Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or Exynos 2400 for a performance leap. 🚀💨
    • Improved Battery Life: Bigger batteries (5000mAh for Ultra) + new tech = longer life. 🔋⏳
    • New One UI 6.1 Features: Enhanced productivity and convenience in Samsung’s Android skin. 🆕📲

The iPhone 15 is here and, for the most part, it doesn’t look and feel any different to the iPhone 14 – or the iPhone 13, for that matter. And it would appear this will also be the case for the iPhone 16. 

By now, even the most hardened of Apple fanboys, must be experiencing some kind of FOMO. I mean, how could you not? You can now get $200 Android phones with 120Hz displays, while that feature will STILL be missing on Apple’s iPhone 16 / 16 Plus at the end of 2024. 

Samsung is about to rub even more salt in the wounds of long-suffering base model iPhone users (like myself; I have the iPhone 13) with the release of its Galaxy S24 series which is shaping up to be pretty darn tasty update over its predecessor.

Time to switch? Potentially. Here’s a breakdown of all the new features and updates coming to the Samsung Galaxy S24 – not the Ultra or Plus, either. The base model. The cheapest one you can buy. 

Here’s 6 Reasons Why You Might Want To Consider The Samsung Galaxy S24 Over The iPhone 16…

9 Killer Galaxy S24 Updates That'll 100% Tempt iPhone FansPin

Next-gen OLED Panel

The Galaxy S24 is rumored to feature Samsung’s new M12 OLED display. What does this mean for you? A screen that’s thinner, lighter, and more energy-efficient. Expect improved brightness and viewing angles too. This could be a significant upgrade from your current iPhone screen.

Camera Capabilities

S24 Ultra’s 200MP Sensor

Imagine capturing photos and videos with mind-blowing detail. The S24 Ultra model is rumored to boast a 200MP main sensor, setting a new standard in smartphone photography.

AI-Powered Photo Editing

The S24 series may introduce ‘Air Technology’ in its photo editor. This feature lets you reposition subjects in your photos, opening up creative editing possibilities. It’s a level of control iPhone users will surely appreciate.

Software and AI Enhancements

what is one uiPin

With Circle Search, you can select any text or image on your screen and instantly receive relevant information or search results. It’s an intuitive feature that adds convenience to your browsing experience.

Voice Recording Summarization and Translation

This feature is perfect for students and professionals. Convert voice recordings into summaries or text, making it easier to review lectures or meetings.

Smarter Browsing

Samsung’s internet browser might introduce AI-driven features like web page summarization, text highlighting, and read-aloud options. This could make browsing more efficient than ever.

Other Potential Goodies

qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 2Pin

Faster Processor

The Galaxy S24 might come equipped with either the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or Exynos 2400 chipsets. These processors promise a significant performance boost, potentially outpacing current iPhones.

Improved Battery Life

With larger batteries (5000mAh for the Ultra) and new display technology, the S24 could offer longer battery life. This is a critical factor for many smartphone users.

New One UI 6.1 Features

Samsung’s custom Android skin, One UI 6.1, might introduce additional productivity and convenience features. This could be a refreshing change for iPhone users looking for something different.

Bottom Line?

iphone 16 design leaksPin

Samsung phones – generally speaking – are just more exciting these days. I’ve been using iPhones for the last few years and, while I do love them, there is a stinginess to Apple’s approach to its base models that is extremely infuriating.

I know 120Hz panels are not expensive, nor are they now a flagship feature. And yet, my £799.99 iPhone 13 has the same refresh rate as an iPhone from 2018 – that’s just poor form.

The AI stuff Samsung is working on is cool too, but I don’t think it’ll be anything too extensive. We all remember Bixby. Still, it’s the overall approach by Samsung that I like: it doesn’t low-ball its entry-level phone users as much as Apple.

Initially, I had planned on holding onto my iPhone 13 until the end of 2024, when the iPhone 16 comes out. But I gotta say, I am starting to get really tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S23 (maybe even the Plus model).

FOMO has got to be gnawing at some of Apple’s existing iPhone users right now. The Pro and Pro Max models are fantastic, of course, but they’re all hella expensive. Apple really needs to work on its trickle-down features for the iPhone 16; otherwise, people will start jumping ship, instead of moving up its pricing structure.

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