Preorder the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus or Galaxy S24 Ultra before January 31 and you can unlock loads of extra goodies…

TL:DR: Galaxy S24 Preorder Details

  • 📱 Galaxy S24 Pricing: The base model starts at £799.
  • 💰 S24 Plus & Ultra Cost: S24 Plus is priced at £999 and the S24 Ultra at £1,249.
  • 🔽 Comparative Pricing: These prices are slightly lower than the previous S23 series.
  • 🎁 Pre-Order Bonus: Free upgrade to double the storage.
  • Complimentary Galaxy Watch 6: Included with pre-orders made before 25 January.

It’s here, a little earlier than expected and Samsung has now opened pre-orders for its Galaxy S24 series which includes the base model (Galaxy S24), the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and the flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Why preorder? Well, as usual there’s a few exclusive offers available for those that preorder direct from Samsung. Here’s a quick rundown of all the things you get when you preorder a Galaxy S24 series phone before January 25:

  • Announcement and Availability: Samsung announced the Galaxy S24 series at the Galaxy Unpacked event on 17 January, with pre-orders available immediately and an official release date set for 31 January.
  • Pricing and Pre-order Benefits: The Galaxy S24 starts at £799, S24 Plus at £999, and S24 Ultra at £1,249, slightly cheaper than the previous S23 series. Pre-orders include a free upgrade to double storage and a complimentary Galaxy Watch 6 if ordered before 25 January.

What’s New Inside The Samsung Galaxy S24?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Preorder: Free Galaxy Watch6 Up For Grabs…Pin

As expected, Samsung has really upped the ante with this series. It hasn’t touched the design of the phones too much but the internal specs and the phones’ capabilities, notably with the inclusion of new latent AI smarts, have been upgraded significantly, making them smarter and more useful.

Google’s been championing the power of AI and machine learning inside its Pixel phones for a couple of generations now. Its aim? To make them as useful and as smart as possible with things like translation capabilities and unique video and photo editing capabilities.

Taking note, Samsung has moved to bring its Galaxy S24 series phones more in line with what Google is doing. They’re now smarter, can do more stuff with AI and machine learning, things like object removal, advanced photo and video editing, and note taking, which should make for plenty of utility.

Updates & New Capabilities

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the new features you’ll find inside the Samsung Galaxy S24:

  • Design: The design remains similar to the 2023 models, with the S24 Ultra featuring a new flat display, thinner bezels, a satin matte finish, and a titanium frame.
  • Advanced AI Features: The series introduces AI-powered photo editing tools for object removal and enhancement, and AI-driven transcription and notetaking capabilities.
  • Battery and Display Efficiency: The S24 and S24 Plus now support a 1Hz refresh rate for improved battery life, a feature previously exclusive to the Ultra model.
  • Camera Improvements: The Ultra’s larger sensor and enhanced AI software aim to deliver superior photo quality, especially in low light conditions.
  • Color Options and Availability: The S24 and S24 Plus come in onyx black, marble grey, cobalt violet, and amber yellow, while the S24 Ultra is available in titanium grey, black, and yellow. Special colors are exclusive to Samsung’s online store.
  • Live Translate Feature: A new real-time translation feature for 13 languages is embedded in the phone app.

Release Date & Pricing

The Galaxy S24 starts at £799, S24 Plus at £999, and S24 Ultra at £1,249, slightly cheaper than the previous S23 series. The phones go on sale in the UK and elsewhere from January 31. But if you want to lock in these preorder bonuses (a free Galaxy Watch6 and double the storage, you’ll need to do so before January 25).

What do you think? Impressed? Let us know if you’re preordering any of these phones below.

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