How to reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

User guides Basil Kronfli 14:29, 17 Dec 2012

Soft reseting your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a simple process once you know how, but for anyone who doesn't, here's a quick guide

We've covered how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, now it's time to talk you through soft resetting. First though, it's worth filling you in on the differences between a hard and a soft reset.

What is a soft reset?

A soft reset is a simple restart of your phone. This is in contrast to a hard reset, which wipes all the user data on your device. A soft reset kills all the apps that are running so any unsaved data will be lost, but other than that the process in harmless and shouldn't leave you

Why would I soft reset my Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

There are plenty of reasons for soft resetting your phone, not least of all if something isn't working. If you've tried everything to fix a problem, a soft reset usually fixes 90% of phone issues.

If your Galaxy Note freezes on a screen and you can't input any commands, a soft reset will force it into life once it boots up again.

Finally, if you notice that your phone is slowing down, a soft reset is a sure fire way to speed things up as it closes down all the background processes running.

How do I soft reset my Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Resetting your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be achieved in a number of ways.

The first is the easiest, involving a long press of the power button. This presents you with a range of options, 'Power off', 'Data network mode', 'Flight mode' and 'Restart'. You'll want to press 'Restart', confirm when prompted and your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will soft reset.

The second and third methods are both applicable if your phone isn't responding to your input, be it touch or button pressing. One option is a simple battery pull, which, as the name suggests involves pulling the battery out, then putting it back in and powering up your phone.

The final method is for anyone who isn't a fan of taking out their battery or Note 2 owners with cases that are a pain to take off. A long, and we mean long press of your power button will reset the phone. You'll be pressing the button for at least 10 drawn out seconds before the phone powers down. Then power your phone on again and you've performed something of a manual soft reset.

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