Samsung Galaxy S4 camera revealed

News Paul Briden 23:47, 14 Mar 2013

Samsung announces Galaxy S4 camera features

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has been announced and the company has revealed its new camera features.

The rear-facing primary camera is rated at 13-megapixels while the front-facer is rated at 2-megapixel.

The phone now includes a dual-camera mode allowing you to capture video or still images with both front and rear lenses simultaneously. Footage from both cameras can be blended together in one photo or video file.

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 allows you to capture video and pictures at the same time and features a multishot mode.

Multishot is now enhanced and can take up to 100 shots in four seconds, it can then use Drama Shot mode if you wish to show a ‘collage’ of the best shots.

There’s a 360 degree panoramic capture mode, HDR, dual video call, LED flash and a back-illuminated sensor (BSI).

Samsung has also included an eraser feature which allows you to remove unwanted individuals from the background of a photo.

For still images users can capture audio and pair it with the picture file before sharing it with others.

‘Story Album’ is a photo content aggregation suite which lets you blend memos, locations and weather information with photos and videos, allows you to create a photo album personalised around your timeline of events.


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