Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t debut in January 2013

News Paul Briden 11:17, 12 Dec 2012

Samsung won't showcase the Galaxy S4 at CES 2013, reports suggest

Recent rumours have suggested Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S4, would first make an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2013, however, now a new report claims this isn’t actually the case.

CNET claims to have learned from unnamed sources that Samsung will be attending the event, but the focus of its products there won’t be mobile, in fact the report alleges that the company ‘plans to showcase its mobile products at a separate media event after CES.’

Frankly, we’re not at all surprised, one of the other rumours about the Galaxy S4 suggested Samsung hosting its own launch event in April which seems much more likely, particularly as an independent reveal is exactly what the company did with the Galaxy S3 in 2012.

Indeed, not only is it not surprising based on cases from Samsung’s recent track record, but also because mobile manufacturers are increasingly hosting previews and launches independently of such large-scale trade shows.

It makes sense too, it actually appears easier these days, for the big names at least, to generate a buzz around isolated launch events for 'mystery' products than it does jostling for attention at massive expos.

Apple, Microsoft and now Samsung, seem to actively stay away from such shows when it comes to mobile tech at least.

It would also be a bit early to showcase the Galaxy S4 even if an April release is on the cards, it would be counter-productive for Samsung as the exposure would likely drive down interest in the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 handsets which, by all accounts, are still selling very well.

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