Samsung Galaxy S series ships 100 million units

News Paul Briden 11:13, 14 Jan 2013

Samsung's Galaxy S series has shipped over 100 million units since the first model hit the market

Samsung has announced that its Galaxy S series of smartphones has shipped over 100 million units.

Of course shipped doesn’t necessarily mean sold, it just means the numbers distributed to retailers based on expected sales estimates.

However, it’s still a significant figure as the company has reached this number quicker than Apple did.

IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo took to Twitter saying: ‘It took #Samsung 3 years to reach the 100M mark on its #Galaxy S portfolio. It took four years to #Apple's #iPhone to reach the same volume.’

Of the total figure the original Galaxy S contributed 24 million global shipments. The Galaxy S2 performed far better with 40 million shipments and the latest model, the Galaxy S3 has surpassed its predecessors with 20 million within the first 100 days and over 40 million in the 20 months since its release.

Samsung is expected to announce a successor model, the much-rumoured Galaxy S4, which is expected to be launched in either April or May.

It’ll allegedly sport the company’s newly announced Exynos 5 Octa eight-core chip based on ARM Cortex-A15 technology, along with a 5-inch 440 pixel-per-inch display, possibly with flexible OLED tech and an S-Pen stylus.

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