Suspected Samsung Galaxy S III leaks online (again)

News Richard Goodwin 17:08, 13 Apr 2012

Yet another image of a device that’s said to be the Samsung Galaxy S III has leaked online

An image of a device that’s said to be the Samsung Galaxy S III has popped up online. But is it the real deal?

It’s definitely a Samsung device running Android 4.0. That much is obvious from the image. It’s also got five rows of app icons instead of four – just like the Galaxy Note.

The leaked image comes via Polish tech-blog, According to the blog an anonymous source sent in the image of the supposed Galaxy S III. The source claims to be testing the device – of course none of this can be proved.  

The device in question does look fairly large and it does have a physical ‘Home’ button, although it’s a lot slimmer than the Galaxy S2’s set-up. From what we can gather, the display looks to be of the 4.6-inch variety. That’d make it the same size as the Galaxy Nexus.

Having said all that we’re not convinced by the image. For one, the ‘Samsung’ logo present on the handset looks slightly off-centre and the design seems a little dated in our opinion, especially since this is meant to be Samsung’s new flagship.

There's also the fact that it looks just like the Galaxy Note as well.

Either way it’s still an interesting development.


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