How to use the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to play music to suit your mood

User guides 15:41, 16 Nov 2012

We explain how to set your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to play the music you're in the mood to hear

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has it all - a great camera, a beautiful display and the capacity to offer up to almost 50GB of storage space. This means that you'll be able to store a whole ton of music on your device, making completing day-to-day tasks, such as jogging or the commute, a much more melodic affair.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini also has the function to allow you to choose the mood that you're in and play music that fits in with it - and here's how you do it:

Adding songs:

When you add a new song by dragging it to the music folder on your device from your laptop or PC, tap the ‘Music' square

  1. Tap ‘Menu'
  2. Hit 'Library update'
  3. To play songs according to your mood:
  4. Grab your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
  5. Unlock and start at the Homescreen
  6. Tap the ‘Music' square
  7. Select the ‘Mood' cell that you want
  8. If you wish to play from more than one mood, drag your finger around the cells you wish to select


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