Samsung planning massive brand overhaul for CES 2013

News Richard Goodwin 09:11, 6 Nov 2012

Samsung is readying to reinvent its entire brand image at CES 2013, according to reports

Samsung, the world’s largest handset manufacturer, is said to be readying a ‘radical brand makeover’ that it plans to unveil at CES 2013. 

News of Samsung’s brand reinvention comes via Australian website, Channel News. Unfortunately the report does not go into specifics about what we can expect to see from Samsung at January's tech expo. 

So what will the new Samsung be like? What can we expect from the world’s biggest manufacturer? 

One thing we’d like to see, and it’s a subject we’ve discussed at length on the site, is a renewed approach to design and the implementation of better quality build materials. 

We like Samsung phones as much as the next guy, but the devices – all of them without exception – are constructed from sub-grade plastics, which detract immensely from their overall aesthetic and feel. 

It’d be great to see Samsung experiment with new designs, different materials, and new methods of user interaction – just look what it did for the stylus with its S-Pen.

How likely this is to happen remains to be seen, however. All a ‘brand reinvention’ usually entails is a new logo and some gaudy adverts.

We sincerely hope this is not the case, however, as it’d be great to see Samsung build further on the gains it has made in the mobile space during the past two years through key changes in the way it builds and designs devices. 

Samsung has Apple thwarted in the sales department, now it just needs to beat it at design. 


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