Samsung quad core chips to be 50 per cent more energy efficient

News Ben Griffin 10:44, 24 Feb 2012

Samsung's quad core Exynos won't just be faster - it's reportedly going to improve battery life by 50 per cent

Samsung's new Exynos processor could dramatically improve the battery life of future smartphones.

The chipset, which will come in dual and quad core flavours running up to speeds of 1.5Ghz, will improve battery life by up to 50 per cent, Samsung claimed at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

Samsung also claimed the performance boost over its most recent Exynos processor would be 26 per cent.

As Engadget noted, the new Exynos chip is manufactured using the 32nm process instead of 45nm, which is reportedly explains why it is more efficient and more powerful.

If you were interested, the ARM produced Cortex-A9 cores sit alongside Samsung's home-grown OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics processing unit (GPU).

We're very keen to get our hands on quad core smartphones because battery life has been our biggest worry. It's pointless having all that processing power if you have to permanently sit by a plug.

Hopefully in the wake of Mobile World Congress 2012 we'll have a plethora of quad core-powered devices to test.

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